Top 3 essentials for traveling with a baby.

Traveling with a baby may sound daunting, and the very thought of what you need to pack is enough to scare even the keenest of traveler. But there are a few things which have made our lives so much easier, so I wanted to share for anyone who’s due to travel with an infant my top 3 essentials for traveling with a baby;

Baby Bjorn Carrier.
I’ve reviewed it before, here, but really can’t rave enough about it. We certainly haven’t travelled light, with 3 gigantic bags plus hand luggage each, change bag, handbag and buggy!! But being able to pop Henry on the front and have our hands free for all the other baggage is really invaluable. He’s often bored after a short while in the pram, but the carrier means the he’s at adult level, being able to take in everything around him and be as nosy as he likes! We have so many people come up to ask us about it, drawn in by Henry’s flirting; we hardly see them out here at all but I wouldn’t want to be without it so definitely invest if you can.
– We have the “Active” but they start from around £50, online and in stores such as Mothercare and Mamas and Papas.


My Little Seat – mobile highchair.
This little bad boy comes out about 4 times a day!! It’s a washable cloth material, 5 point safety highchair in a great choice of colours which you can easily tie on to most chairs – We’ve only been stumped twice in 5 weeks where the chairs are too big for it to go over, but they were extra large, fancy ones; it goes over almost all we’ve come across, you know it’s clean unlike most restaurant highchairs and rolls up into it’s small bag and tucks in neatly to the change/diaper bag. We’ve had so many compliments about it from people who have never seen one before I would 100% recommend it to anyone with a baby who is old enough to sit in a normal highchair. (Great unique baby shower gift too! Available online at Amazon and direct for around £20.)



      Give me my lunch, Mummy!


Travel Cot/Pack and Play.
We deliberated over whether we should pack this for ages due to the size of it – it weighs half the baggage allowance and takes up half the huge bag! But I’m so pleased we did. Hotels do offer loans of them, but I just couldn’t imagine putting Henry down in one every night which had been used by other people, and then you have the worry that not every hotel has them available, and I wouldn’t put him in a normal bed for fear of him falling out. Ours was a gift from Stuart’s Dad and it is super easy to put up and down. It came with all fancy accessories such as a mobile and change table, but we just use the main bed. We also bought a CoolMAX freshFX mattress topper from Mothercare for £40 which is breathable & cushioned which makes it soooo much more comfortable for him (learnt after a weekend in Cornwall where he slept really badly without it) It’s big plenty enough for our growing boy and tucks away neatly in the corner for his own personal bedroom. His little excited face pokes up out the top to greet us in the morning…cute when it’s not 4am 😉

First morning of travelign Henry was ready to play at 3am!!


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