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Last week I received a lovely email from a lady called Laura, (hi Laura!) who got in touch to say how much she enjoyed reading my blog and said that she uses reading the blog for some “me time”, explaining that since she’d had her baby and then recently gone back to work, time for herself was limited and it was nice to have a little escapism from Mum life. Obviously it was so lovely to receive (and nice to know it’s not just my Mum who reads my blog (hi Mum!)) but it really hit home and got me thinking…when you’re a Mum “me time” is such a rare commodity, something so simple and previously so readily available has become so important, cherished, bargained for!


Gone are the days where I wake up on a Saturday morning (or any other day, for that matter) and think, ooh I’ll just pop to town to have a little look around or go and get my hair done. Everything I now do has to be pre-arranged, childcare organised. Spare time has to be shared equally, evenly. Of course this is parenthood, and obviously I wouldn’t change my job as a parent for anything in the world. Luckily, Stuart and I enjoyed a lot of time together before the boys arrived, we travelled, we socialised, we were ready to “settle down”. But that’s not to say we don’t need some time to be ourselves, albeit a slightly more exhausted, grey looking version of ourselves!


Having gone back to work freelance when George was just a few months old, trying to carve out a new career in digital marketing around 2 small, and very demanding, humans the opportunity to indulge in “me time” is about as regular as a hot cup of tea. Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t just directed at us Mum’s! Stuart has no more time than myself to go and get his hair done (!) or knowing him go on some insane fitness mission. But he does at least spend the day with adults, a lunch break to do as he pleases, enjoys a hot drink when he fancies it and hopefully goes to the toilet without an audience.


Just by doing a few things for yourself can really make all the difference when it comes to feeling refreshed with life and ready to slip into those Mum shoes each day (or in my case milk sick and dribble covered slippers). Pour a glass of wine and call an old friend who you’ve not caught up with for ages, run yourself a bath and apply a fancy new face mask once the littles are in bed, or order that new lipstick you’ve been coveting.

If your budget allows, buying something for yourself can really perk you up. Especially something pretty which you can wear alongside the standard Mum uniform (breton, skinnies & converse, obvs.) every day to keep your pre-mum identity. I’ve been loving a newly discovered jewellery brand, Boho Betty, who are a UK company which create globally inspired jewellery; designed for women who want to express their individuality. There are sooo many different options on the website I could have shopped on there for hours (If I had the time…)



I love how a lot of the Boho Betty Jewellery is stackable and you can create so many different looks with various combinations, all perfect for layering. I’ve got my eye on some of their gorgeous necklaces next. They come in luxurious little packages which makes them seem even more indulgent. They’d also make really lovely, thoughtful gifts for any new Mum or Birthday girl.


Boho Betty have kindly given me an exclusive discount code for my readers so that you can get 15% off of their beautiful jewellery range! Just type in code AOAM15 on the website!


What would you choose from Boho Betty Jewellery?


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