It’s a bit of a whiny, moaning post today but I just feel like we are at breaking point with our toddler’s sleep regression and I guess I want to reach out to anyone who may be going through the same or who has any advice for us!!

breaking point toddler sleep regression

I wrote a while back about baby sleep tips, and back then we certainly did have it nailed. But now it’s our almost 4 year old we are struggling with. When he turned 3 he suddenly became a lot more aware of his surroundings, and with that more scared of the outside world. Totally normal, I know. We went 3 months having to sleep on his floor and finally he seemed to grow out of it. That was for a good few months, but then back around Christmas time he regressed again. Currently we’re having to sit with him each night until he falls asleep. And then once he wakes, around midnight or 2am he just walks straight into our room and into our bed.

breaking point toddler sleep regression

In theory this doesn’t sound too bad. But the reality is that he gets in and somehow, inexplicably, manages to sleep across both of our pillows kicking and headbutting us both all night. I fear waking him to move him because the thought of trying to get him back to sleep in the middle of the night seems to hard to bare and getting sucker punched in the eyeball seems the more appealing solution.

We have tried putting him back into his bed and this can happen 5 times a night, and it just gets to a point when it’s so much easier just to roll over and let him in. Last week felt like we were at breaking point when I spent the majority of the night sleeping, like a dog, at the foot of the bed, with no pillow and only my arms covered by the duvet. Not ideal.

breaking point toddler sleep regression

I filmed a little video over on my YouTube which goes into more detail. I’m not even sure what I am going to gain from even sharing this, but sometimes it just feels a little bit better when you can get it out there, and frankly have a bit of a moan! Have you been through this? Did you survive to tell the tale? I’d love to know what worked for you.

Thanks for listening to me moan!!

toddler sleep regression breaking point


I love the planning that goes into organising a romantic weekend away. The anticipation, the excitement of escaping the ordinary. Before we had children we used to book a weekend at a spa or jump in the car to another city every couple of months. Being based in the South of England, we’re lucky to have lots of beautiful places within a couple of hours drive away and equally just on our doorstep. I love getting lost in beautiful surroundings, learning things about the places we go and I’m passionate about exploring close to home as well as further afield.

Valentine's Day romantic weekend away for 2 on a date at Tylney Hall Hampshire

It is especially exciting planning a weekend away now, because since becoming parents they are understandably rare. In fact I think we have only done one or two so far, but as the boys are getting older, in turn they are getting (slightly) easier to send to doting grandparents. Equally we love to show the boys the adventures we can have as a family, hopping in the car and going off on a road trip together. Although it has to be said it’s not quite as spontaneous as it once was when we only had to think of our own needs.

Valentine's Day romantic weekend away for 2 on a date at Tylney Hall Hampshire

As Valentine’s Day approaches I’m sure many couples are planning romantic ventures, be it at home or away. There’s a certain pressure that comes with a weekend spent with a new partner, a relationship in its infancy is put to the test when trying to plan for a weekend away together. It can certainly be a deal breaker. It’s probably a good idea to have spent a couple of nights together before putting your relationship to the test of a full weekend away. There’s nothing quite as awkward as realising actually you’re not the match you thought you were, when 300 miles from home and have 2 days to get through.

Valentine's Day romantic weekend away for 2 on a date at Tylney Hall Hampshire

I love the spontaneity of a loosely organised trip. Not knowing exactly what lies ahead provides extra excitement and adventure to your weekend. Showing your partner how you can be flexible can be an endearing quality, especially if you have children who don’t normally allow for such impulsive freedom. Getting insider tips from the hotel staff for the best brunch in town, or the secret spots they don’t show you in the guide book can be exciting and a fun way of getting to know each other. It’s great to discover the places on foot too if you have the time to meander through village streets without time constraints.

how to plan a romantic weekend away

It’s especially important to make time for a romantic weekend away if you have children and rarely spend time together as a couple. Even just to give yourself that time, have a bubble bath without interruptions, to take things slowly, enjoy each other’s company like you used to be able to without having to think of your children first. Rediscover each other, remember what made you fall in love with one another in the first place. It’s so so hard to make time for yourselves in day to day life amidst the school run, the food shop and the daily battles with getting children to eat their dinner. Each day ending with falling into bed, your head hitting the pillow desperately hoping for a few straight hours of shut eye and any thoughts of intimacy as distant as the memory of a full nights sleep. We’ve all been there and it’s only natural to put yourself and each other last.

Valentine's Day romantic weekend away for 2 on a date at Tylney Hall Hampshire

Valentine's Day romantic weekend away for 2 on a date at Tylney Hall Hampshire

Finding the perfect spot for your weekend of romance is key to getting the mood right. Whether that’s a weekend of escaping to the countryside to an exquisite peaceful retreat where you can spend the whole weekend soaking up the splendour of the romantic setting, walking amongst stunning gardens and taking time over afternoon tea. A weekend in the City, shopping all day, fine dining and taking in a show by night. Or perhaps an action packed weekend of fun and mayhem, jumping on the Eurostar and picking a destination as you get to the station. It’s important to choose something that you would both enjoy and that is an escape from the norm. Personally I like to make sure I get as much from the weekend as possible, which means the less travel the better – there’s not much point flying to New York if you only have 48 hours to enjoy your adventure.

Valentine's Day romantic weekend away for 2 on a date at Tylney Hall Hampshire  Valentine's Day romantic weekend away for 2 on a date at Tylney Hall Hampshire

Packing for a weekend away needs to start with the bag. Nothing too big so that you have to check it in for a flight, nothing too small so you have to scrimp on outfit options. I found the perfect bag whilst scouring one of my favourite websites, where I often get lost scrolling through their pages of beautiful homewares, iconic designers and luxury gifts. It’s just one of those sites where you want everything. I knew I wanted to get something uber stylish and special for a weekend bag because it will be something I use time and time again. This beautiful Ted Baker weekend holdall is a definite investment piece and one that I think will see me through years of adventures.

Valentine's Day romantic weekend away for 2 on a date at Tylney Hall HampshireValentine's Day romantic weekend away for 2 on a date at Tylney Hall Hampshire

What ever you do, wherever you go, it’s important not to put too much pressure on yourselves to be romantic, just relax, enjoy the time do something fun together.

Valentine's Day romantic weekend away for 2 on a date at Tylney Hall Hampshire

What’s your favourite kind of adventure?



With thanks to Tylney Hall for the use of their stunning hotel in rural Hampshire.

It’s easy to spend every Friday and Saturday night putting on a movie and sitting on the sofa mindlessly flicking through our phones. Being parents to young children we know it’s not always easy to make the time for each other, especially after a hard day of looking after the boys, it’s the ultimate down time. So it’s important once a month that we make time for date nights. We don’t have that many options when it comes to babysitters, and we never use them just to go to the cinema or go out to dinner because we save them for big events when we really want to go out together. With Valentine’s Day fast approaching I thought I would share 15 stay at home date night ideas for anyone who isn’t able to get a babysitter, or perhaps if you aren’t able to leave your children to go out. There’s just as much fun to have together at home.

– 15 Stay At Home Date Night Ideas –

Cook together – this is one of my favourite things to do. Getting something like a Hello Fresh box means you have a step by step guide to a surprise meal you can cook together with a glass of wine in hand. I love this as my husband doesn’t cook things from scratch very often so learning how to cook makes for a fun night in together.

free date night ideas for valentine's Day nights in with no babysitter

Wine or beer Tasting – pick up a selection box of beer and find out the history behind each one – marking and describing them all as you go through each taste.

Watch your wedding video with your wedding wine, or look through photos of your first holiday together chatting through your favourite memories.

Gift your loved one a little present, a book they might find interesting or a new posh candle they’ve been lusting after. It doesn’t have to be an expensive gift, just something to show you’ve thought about them in the lead up to Valentine’s Day. Check out my Valentine’s Day gift guide video here.

valentines day date night in ideas for couples who don't have a baby sitter

Have a couple’s spa evening complete with back massages and soaking feet in a foot spa. Maybe even share a bath together, candle lit and relaxing without the children wanting to get in and squirt you with water!

Play YouTube Karaoke! Click Here for ideas.

Set up a dessert station where you can make exciting ice cream bowls filled with loads of different sweets, or hire a chocolate fondue kit to dunk strawberries into.

valentines day date night in ideas for couples who don't have a baby sitter

Play video games if it’s something you don’t normally do! Something like the NES Mini can bring back memories of playing nostalgic video games like Mario Bros!

Make cocktails, pizzas or a cake! Get creative and make sure you eat at the table with a couple of lit candles so you make the effort to have a proper conversation about things rather than watching TV.

free date night ideas for valentine's Day nights in with no babysitter

Plan a holiday together. Look through guide books, check Trip Advisor, work out budgets, look at online photos and get excited about planning a special trip.

free date night ideas for valentine's Day nights in with no babysitter

Play a board game, it’s amazing how fun this can actually be when you play a game together, especially with a glass of wine!

free date night ideas for valentine's Day nights in with no babysitter

Build a fort – an oldie but a goodie!! Everything seems better when you’re surrounded by fairy lights and big fluffy cushions!! Make a floor picnic of cheeses and picky bits and enjoy snuggling up with some popcorn and a movie after.

Look at an old photo album together and reminisce about the times you spent together during that time. Or look back on old family photos and tease each other about how awful their clothes/hair/style was when they were growing up!

free date night ideas for valentine's Day nights in with no babysitter

Make Lists! Bucket lists, places you want to visit, favourite things about each other, favourite outfits on each other – they all get you talking and are a fun way to engage each other during the evening.

21 Questions – Stuart and I filmed a couples questions video during Vlogmas and it was so much fun attempting to guess the right answers! Make up the questions and take turns trying to answer them about each other.

free date night ideas 21 Questions - Stuart and I filmed a couples questions video during Vlogmas and it was so much fun attempting to guess the right answers! Make up the questions and take turns trying to answer them about each other.

I hope you liked these date night in ideas, pop over to watch the video here. Have a happy Valentine’s Day xx


You may have seen my New Year’s resolutions video recently where I resolved to have less stuff, so I am really getting into minimalism this year and I wanted to share my tips for how to be a minimalist! There’s a video up on my YouTube which I will link below, which contains 12 hacks to help you on your way to being a minimalist, but to get you started here are 5 quick and easy tips. Please let me know in the comments if you have any more ideas or hacks which you find help you be more minimalist and have. less. stuff.

How to be a minimalist 12 hacks to get you started

– one –

Know why you are doing it. To keep yourself on track. Whether that is because you want to save money, to live a less cluttered life or perhaps you’re looking to buy a house and need to downsize. Put it down on paper so you can return to it when you need some inspiration to keep it up.

– two –

Use up all of your products before buying new ones. I am terrible at this one! I get to about a third less and I never use it again – I need to get better at this! Often they are expensive skincare items so I now make sure I am finishing things up before buying new products!

– three –

Make sure you clean your car out every couple of days. You could work really hard at cleaning your home and space around you, but if you don’t extend this to your car – your office even, then the feeling of a less cluttered lifestyle can be put back every time you get in your car to go anywhere.

 – four –

Tackle the small stuff first. Gain momentum by doing the easy things first and getting a good feeling from having achieved that. Start with things like your handbag or condiments cupboard then move onto the hard stuff like the wardrobe and linen cupboard!

 – five –

Go and unsubscribe to all those emails you don’t want to be receiving, all those people you met once on holiday but don’t actually ever see, and all those people who have a negative energy. Getting rid of all the online noise will help you cut down on what activity you have to actually be dealing with online and leave you more time for the things you do want to see and the things you enjoy looking at.

Come and take a look at my 12 Minimalist hacks video over on my YouTube for more ways to live a less cluttered life. Thank you for watching! xx


If you’re feeling totally over indulged and like you want to get healthy this year but not quite sure where to start I thought I would share some of my top tips for a beginner’s guide of how to get started with healthy eating.

It’s easy to get bombarded with advice and not really know what is right to listen to, but here are some really easy tips to help you on your way to a healthier life.

Trying to lose weight after the indulgence of Christmas but no idea where to start - check out my beginner's guide to healthy eating to learn the basics of healthy eating and tips for how to get healthy this year

The Beginner’s Guide to Healthy Eating:

  • My first tip is that eating healthy is not a diet, in my opinion these don’t work! The main thing to change to get healthy and fit is your lifestyle and thoughts towards it! It sounds so cliche but it’s just finding a different outlook on the food you choose. You can still be full and eat well, you need to fuel your body – it’s the most complex machine in your life and you need to treat it with the respect it deserves. Choose the options which will nourish your body, give you more energy and make you feel less bloated.

Beginner's Guide to Healthy Eating | Adventures Of A Mum

  • Secondly, fat is good for you – shocker!! Fats in the right form are good for your body and will help maintain healthy skin, hair and nails. You will feel fuller for longer and have more energy if you include fat in your diet. Sugar is what you need to be cutting out from your food. Sugar is everywhere which makes it hard to get rid of it from your diet. A jar of pasta sauce can have 4 teaspoons of sugar in it, and a bottle of coke almost 20 teaspoons! If you are cutting sugar out entirely be prepared for withdrawal symptoms – it is an addiction after all. Headaches, bad moods, bad breath! But these should go after a few days so don’t give up!

Beginner's Guide to Healthy Eating | Adventures Of A Mum

  • Ditch the Cereal!! It’s full of sugar, and will leave you reaching for the biscuits come 10am! Try to stick to high protein foods for breakfast like fish, eggs, seeds. Swapping a bowl of sugary breakfast cereal for plain cereal could cut out 70g of sugar (up to 22 sugar cubes) from your diet throughout the week! I am thinking of doing a video on quick and easy breakfasts for on the go if you would like, let me know in the comments below!

  • Hydrate! As soon as you get up drink some warm water, with ginger and lemon if you need to flavour it, but make sure you are giving your body water to rehydrate after 10 or so hours without a drink. I aim to drink around 2 liters a day but sadly my bladder isn’t quite what it was before children so I have to really slow down the intake by around 8pm otherwise I am up all. night. long. Swap fizzy drinks for water, or even sparkling water and your body will thank you for it.

  • Finally, be mindful when you eat – this helps you listen to your body when it’s telling you that it’s full. Enjoy every mouthful. Sit at the table to help aid digestion and make sure the tv and phone is off and don’t rush your food. It is a great way of winding down after the day. Talking to your children, your partner, and catching up on what everyone has been doing throughout the day.

The Beginners Guide to Healthy Eating - Adventures of a Mum.


I hope you found this guide interesting and informative if you are a total beginner at healthy eating, and I hope I can inspire you throughout this month if you’re looking for new ideas to add to your current healthy eating meals.

Please check out my video if you would like more info and ideas and subscribe to my channel if you would like to see more videos like this!

What tips could you share for healthy eating? I’d love to know more x