Ever wondered how to make a Christmas wreath but thought it might be too tricky? Here’s a simple tutorial of how to make a really inexpensive & easy DIY Festive wreath for your door this Christmas.

Check out this easy and quick tutorial for how to make your very own Christmas wreath this year:

This step by step guide will talk you through how to make a real Christmas decorative door piece with free foliage from your garden and a couple of affordable extras from a craft shop. Don’t buy one – DIY one!

I hope you found this interesting – please let me know in the comments if you have any questions, and I’d love to hear from you if you have made a Christmas wreath yourself!

Christmas Wreath Tutorial | How to make a Christmas Wreath


Christmas. The most magical time of the year, right? But what if it’s not. What if it’s the hardest time of the year? What if when everyone else is cozying up with their families or getting together with friends and all you want to do is curl up into a ball and wish for it all to be over?

Coping this Christmas if you have suffered loss financial difficulties or family problems

There’s such a lot of pressure to be jolly and festive this time of year, but for some people this just isn’t the case. Some people have suffered great loss and can’t bear to celebrate, some people don’t have the means to financially support the big Christmas we think it should be, or perhaps for religious reasons Christmas isn’t celebrated.  I am so fortunate that I have a happy home and I look forward to sharing Christmas each year with my family, but I am very aware that this is a privileged position to be in and I never take it for granted.

It’s absolutely impossible to hide from the constant reminders that Christmas is on its way. Television adverts evoking how we are meant to feel, who we are meant to spend it with, even what we are meant to eat! All of this could seem like a daunting prospect but if you take away the pressure and redesign your own Christmas how you want it to be it could help create positivity around it. Whether that be going to a soup kitchen to help others who are not as fortunate, taking a trip somewhere you’ve not been before, maybe volunteering at a care home or going out on a long walk. Create your own rituals to suit your situation. Break down the barriers of what society expects Christmas to be and create a day for you to love and look forward to, even if that means not celebrating it at all.

Coping this Christmas if you have suffered loss financial difficulties or family problems

If you are struggling this year with Christmas the most important thing you should do is reach out – share your feelings, you might find you are not alone in having those feelings, and that you can help each other by opening up about any difficulties you might have during the festive period.

I wanted to share with you this video Channel Mum have created, I think it’s such an important thing to watch because so many people struggle this time of year and it’s really important to recognise that. I hope if you are struggling with coping this Christmas it can help. Remember, reach out and ask for support if you need it. Thanks for reading.


Last week we were invited along to Bluestone Wales and during our time there we went along to the Kingdom Of The Elves attraction – a must if you are visiting at Christmas. Our mission was to find Rudolph who had gone missing – the adventure took us around a series of magical rooms accompanied by several different characters to help us find our way through.

Kingdom Of The Elves at Bluestone Wales a must see Christmas attraction for all the family

Each room in the Kingdom Of the Elves was magical and all the Elves were engaging and energetic and the boys had the most amazing time running around trying to find Rudolph.

Kingdom Of The Elves at Bluestone Wales a must see Christmas attraction for all the family

Our Elf Mission was to track down Rudolph following a series of clues – Equipped with a Super Cloak and Tracker Cuff we had to help the Elf Reindeer Ranger to find Rudolph and get him back into his stable. Pop over to my YouTube channel to take a look at the full video of our experience – I’d love it if you took a look!

Kingdom Of The Elves at Bluestone Wales a must see Christmas attraction for all the family


Ok, ok…I know…I have been a really bad blogger, but I have an excuse!! I’ve had major tech issues recently and have had to get a new computer which has caused all sorts of problems. Annnnnd, I’m doing Vlogmas!!! We’re 12 days in, and it’s been so much fun but also so stressful!! It’s basically taken up all my time, so I have had to let the blog fall by the wayside slightly. I really hope you are going to enjoy all the content I have been putting out over on my YouTube channel…come and take a look at what’s been going on…

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So far we’ve had things like a trip to Bruges….

Bruges travel guide what to do in Belguim at Christmas

Train journeys to meet Santa

Meet Santa on a steam train at the Watercress Line in Alresford Hampshire

Making a Christmas Eve Hamper

Find out what we are putting into our Christmas Eve Box

Doing lots of Christmas Crafts with the children…

Christmas crafts how to make reindeer food

And one of my absolute faves, a video with Stuart where I laughed the whole way through…

I filmed the 12 questions tag with my husband Stuart and laughed the whole way through it

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Christmas Eve boxes are fast becoming a firm family tradition across the nation. We’ve decided now that we have 2 young sons that we are going to do a family box, rather than one per child, because it’s going to be our special evening together as a family, before the madness of the following few days. The mountains of shiny paper every which way we turn, trying to fit in seeing all family members and feeling eternally sick on over indulgence.

What to put in a christmas eve box a family tradition

First up, an essential new pair of Christmas Pyjamas for the boys. New PJ’s are a must for Christmas Eve! I discovered Hatley during our time in the States and was gutted when Henry grew out of his PJ’s, but Little Blue House by Hatley are available in the UK and the boys are going to be matchy matchy with these cute bear print sets – Perfect for all those early morning photos of their excited faces seeing what Santa has been up to!

What to put in a christmas eve box a family tradition

A nice early Christmas Bath before settling in for the night – This Marili hair & body wash smells good enough to eat, they are great for sensitive skin and made with no nasties organic ingredients and I love the story behind Marili’s brand.

What to put in a christmas eve box a family tradition

Cuddledry towel – How cute is this Dinosaur print towel?! Perfect to wrap the boys up in after that special Christmas Eve bath. This is the softest towel I’ve felt, it’s made from bamboo and cotton and this adorable Dino print is my favourite in their range, have a look for yourself at all the different prints you can get, perfect for making bath time fun for little boys and girls!

What to put in a christmas eve box a family tradition

Family friendly DVD – Minions! Henry loved Despicable Me but mainly for the Minions, so I’m hoping he will really love snuggling up and watching this together – he’s at the age where the right film can just about capture his attention, so fingers crossed!

What to put in a christmas eve box a family tradition

Hot chocolate & marshmallows and popcorn! Perfect treat for a family movie night (Our first one, so I am hoping they play ball!)

Special Christmas books for bedtime stories. You can read my review of Henry’s personalised 12 Days Of Christmas book here. George has this lovely touchy feely Nativity story which he will love feeling over all the different textures.

What to put in a christmas eve box a family tradition

Bubbles for mummy and Daddy! Well, it is Christmas Eve after all!

What to put in a christmas eve box a family tradition

Stockings ready to hang for Father Christmas. I had these handmade for the boys by the highly talented Bev who designed them for Henry and George. You can get in touch with her through her Instagram account if you want her to make something similar for your little ones. I can’t wait to see Henry’s little face in the morning when he sees Santa has been!

What to put in a christmas eve box a family tradition homemade stockings

I’ve seen some really cute ideas for the things to get for the big man’s arrival – the usual plate for Reindeer refreshments, a magic key, letter from Santa, Reindeer magic dust to sprinkle and of course talcum powder footsteps – Not sure who’s more excited, us or the boys!


I’d love to know if you do a Christmas Eve Hamper and what you put in it!