It’s getting into that time of year again when everyone falls in love with Autumn and all the seasonal delights which come with it. In the UK we seem to get to the back end of August, having wished for warmer weather for months, and everyone is just so ready for Autumn. Those crisp dark evenings which draw in earlier by the day, the sweet smell of the burning harvest lingering in the air as you leave the office, all those gorgeous new outfits to buy in new key shades of the season, the pop of a berry toned lip or nails, adding instant style to any look. It’s a total blogger cliche, and I’m sure there are far too many posts floating around the internet about everyone’s “favourite season”…

Falling into Autumn toddler playing in the fallen leaves in the late afternoon Autumn sun

But I love how, in the UK, there is always something around the corner to look forward to. Once the excitement and fun of Christmas is over, when we’re all feeling totally fed up of over indulgence (yes, even I can get sick of tooooooo much chocolate and cheese!) there’s a nice quiet January to chill, catch up on Netflix & promise yourself you’ll go to the gym. Then comes the fun of that first big night out at the end of January to toast the fact that we all made it through the.most.boring month of the year or to simply enjoy the pay check you’ve been dying for. Next, Valentine’s Day is upon us (like it or loathe it) and before you know it – Easter is here and Hi, more chocolate indulgence and a lovely long weekend full of feasting is due. Well, once that’s all over all hail the double ended May bank holidays and then boom you’re on the highway to Summer. Fun packed with holidays, picnics, weekends spent outdoors, and anything other than having to spend every day at indoor soft plays trying to entertain children (hell).

falling into autumn, my favourite things about the change of the season

And then, just as you can’t bare to pack up any more picnics, you’re fed up of shaving your legs every. damn. day. and you just really really want to start wearing your new faux fur gillet and olive corduroy skirt – with TIGHTS…We’re all falling into Autumn.

just as you can't bare to pack up any more picnics, you're fed up of shaving your legs every. damn. day, we're all falling into autumn

Halloween crafts, Fluffy socks & PJ’s, Hot Chocolate, The lead up to Christmas! Oversized fluffy jumpers, Pumpkin picking, cosy Sunday’s with a roast dinner, new fashion and no more sale rails! Not feeling guilty about not leaving the house all day, a change of make up looks, fireworks, movie afternoons…

Just a few of my favourite things about the change of the season. What are your favourite things about Autumn? 

Falling into Autumn toddlers walking by the river in the late afternoon Autumn sun


Last weekend I was lucky enough to go to Marbella with the girls. Having all had a baby last year we all totally deserved a good break. Sadly we lost 2 of the girls from the group which was such a huge shame and they were greatly missed but they had to stay home. Our friend who now lives in Australia was also able to join us so it made for a fantastic reunion and we all had such an amazing time together.



Ocean Club, La Sala, Luxury Yacht spotting, Puerto Banus, Orange Square, Old town; we did the lot and it was all stunning. We stayed at the Marriott Marbella Beach Resort in apartments which were fantastic and I think we all want to come back with the family!

Lara ocean





Over the past few years, the 30th Birthdays have come and gone as have a lot of the hen dos and as we have all been so busy making lots of beautiful babies we’ve never managed to do a proper weekend away somewhere hot, so it was amazing that we were all able to do this together. Leave the bubbas with their daddies and have some relaxing time away with the best of friends.


Old town







I, of course, vlogged our girls weekend in Marbella, I just have to find the time to edit the 300 clips (Urgh!!) so keep your eyes peeled on my YouTube channel for the video of our weekend away! xx












I just couldn’t resist typing up a quick outfit blog post for you guys as I am so in love with my new blush pink coat and total bargain shoes I thought they deserved a blog piece! If you watch my Youtube channel you’ll know that I recently bought a blush pink waterfall coat which was sadly just too big and I’ve not been able to find another one since.

Luckily for me I stumbled upon this one for the super affordable price of £29.99, it’s slightly oversized so I got it in a 6 although the arms are quite snug. It’s just the perfect coat for this season where it’s still too cold in the UK on some days to go out without one but when the sun is shining you don’t want anything too heavy weighing you down.

I kept it simple with these amazing jeans from Topshop, high waisted & perfect for hiding the “mum tum” and, essentially, avoiding the inevitable “mum bum” when crawling around after toddlers (thank you Hannah for the tip!!) They are an investment purchase, coming in at around £40, but they are the best jeans I own. The cropped white top was £6 and could be switched up with a little t-shirt if you felt more comfortable.

My latest favourite shoe purchase comes from Primark, I think these were around £14. (14 pounds?!!?) The versatile cream colour and comfortable thick straps and heel will definitely keep them as my go-to summer shoe.

This whole outfit came in at £90, and almost half of that is on the jeans, but it made me feel like I was head to toe in designer labels. There’s just something about that coat…


Photos by Etienne.



Last week I received a lovely email from a lady called Laura, (hi Laura!) who got in touch to say how much she enjoyed reading my blog and said that she uses reading the blog for some “me time”, explaining that since she’d had her baby and then recently gone back to work, time for herself was limited and it was nice to have a little escapism from Mum life. Obviously it was so lovely to receive (and nice to know it’s not just my Mum who reads my blog (hi Mum!)) but it really hit home and got me thinking…when you’re a Mum “me time” is such a rare commodity, something so simple and previously so readily available has become so important, cherished, bargained for!


Gone are the days where I wake up on a Saturday morning (or any other day, for that matter) and think, ooh I’ll just pop to town to have a little look around or go and get my hair done. Everything I now do has to be pre-arranged, childcare organised. Spare time has to be shared equally, evenly. Of course this is parenthood, and obviously I wouldn’t change my job as a parent for anything in the world. Luckily, Stuart and I enjoyed a lot of time together before the boys arrived, we travelled, we socialised, we were ready to “settle down”. But that’s not to say we don’t need some time to be ourselves, albeit a slightly more exhausted, grey looking version of ourselves!


Having gone back to work freelance when George was just a few months old, trying to carve out a new career in digital marketing around 2 small, and very demanding, humans the opportunity to indulge in “me time” is about as regular as a hot cup of tea. Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t just directed at us Mum’s! Stuart has no more time than myself to go and get his hair done (!) or knowing him go on some insane fitness mission. But he does at least spend the day with adults, a lunch break to do as he pleases, enjoys a hot drink when he fancies it and hopefully goes to the toilet without an audience.


Just by doing a few things for yourself can really make all the difference when it comes to feeling refreshed with life and ready to slip into those Mum shoes each day (or in my case milk sick and dribble covered slippers). Pour a glass of wine and call an old friend who you’ve not caught up with for ages, run yourself a bath and apply a fancy new face mask once the littles are in bed, or order that new lipstick you’ve been coveting.

If your budget allows, buying something for yourself can really perk you up. Especially something pretty which you can wear alongside the standard Mum uniform (breton, skinnies & converse, obvs.) every day to keep your pre-mum identity. I’ve been loving a newly discovered jewellery brand, Boho Betty, who are a UK company which create globally inspired jewellery; designed for women who want to express their individuality. There are sooo many different options on the website I could have shopped on there for hours (If I had the time…)



I love how a lot of the Boho Betty Jewellery is stackable and you can create so many different looks with various combinations, all perfect for layering. I’ve got my eye on some of their gorgeous necklaces next. They come in luxurious little packages which makes them seem even more indulgent. They’d also make really lovely, thoughtful gifts for any new Mum or Birthday girl.


Boho Betty have kindly given me an exclusive discount code for my readers so that you can get 15% off of their beautiful jewellery range! Just type in code AOAM15 on the website!


What would you choose from Boho Betty Jewellery?


I published earlier in the year my top picks for the essential baby change bag which you can read here but as it is one of my most frequently asked questions I wanted to bring you the latest in Autumn & Winter options to bring you right up to speed with the latest baby change bags to the market.

Finding the perfect change bag is one of the hardest purchases you will make as a mum to be. (I find it hard enough to choose what to have for dinner when I am pregnant!) They are a real investment purchase, however your change bag will be with you every day, for a couple of years and for further justification you can always use it again with your next baby should you have one.

Here are some of the most stylish options across a range of budgets to help you adjust to swapping out your handbag for the essential baby change bag.

Mamas & Papas Ellis Shoulder change bag £59.95


Pacapod Jasper in Chestnut £250

(check out Natural Baby Shower to get a free Aiden and Anais swaddle with every bag!)


Baby Beau Grab & Go clutch change bag £69.99 


Babymel Grace Grey change bag £62 – Available for pre-order late Nov – 

Includes free aden + anais swaddle rrp 17.95


Storksak Catherine Leather change bag in Bordeaux £250


Egg Change Bag in Forest Green – £80


Alternatively, a cost friendly option if you had a large bag already which would suit being used as a baby change bag (large inside, long enough handles to go over the pram and either leather or splash proof nylon material) would be to get an insert such as the following;


Baby Beau changing-mat-organiser £26


Bugaboo Organiser £29.95


And these little puppies will extend your bag straps if you don’t have long enough ones to go over the pram (which is essential!)

Pacapod Pram Hook £12.95


If you aren’t able to go into store to have a good feel around your short list of bags I would really recommend using YouTube to watch what other people think of their changing bags as it will give you an invaluable insight into the dimensions and usability of the bag – I know loads of people who buy online then get it in their hands and it’s just not the right size or has too many compartments etc. One of my bag review videos can be found here. (Check out those chins at 38 weeks preggo!)

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