I have long been a fan of The White Company, paired that with my love for beautiful skincare the new partnership with Deciem screams match made in heaven! The White Company have always been a brand which I look to when I want elegant and chic homewares, luxury linens (Nobody does bedsheets like them, right??) and quality clothing. Not to mention some of my most favourite candles, which have one of the best scent pay-offs I’ve found. I digress.

The new White Company advanced-skincare collection, which Chrissie created in partnership with global skincare experts DECIEM

– White Company Skincare Review –

When I posted a photo of the new collection on my Instagram someone actually commented that this was like a dream come true for me! How well must they know me! It was right. I love the brand Deciem and have a strong collection of their science based skincare products, so to know that The White Company had paired up with them I knew something special had been launched.

The new White Company advanced-skincare collection, which Chrissie created in partnership with global skincare experts DECIEM

The range is made up of 6 well thought out and essential products, encased in true TWC style minimalist-chic packaging, it makes the perfect start to their foray into skincare. DECIEM can sometimes be faulted that their skincare is too “confusing” and frankly I wont even begin to decipher it all for you here, I will leave that to founder Brandon and Queen Caroline. But TWC have used all of DECIEM’s intense knowledge and experience to create this simplistic and easy to manage range. The White Company’s founder Chrissy Rucker made a smart move partnering with such a highly regarded skincare expert and the Advance Skincare Collection is just as special as it sounds.

The new White Company advanced-skincare collection, which Chrissie created in partnership with global skincare experts DECIEM

Some of my favourites :

First up would have to be the Super Balm; a gentle but deep cleansing balm which melts upon application and turns into a make-up and dirt destroying emulsifying almost oil like substance which leaves skin soft and supple while instantly boosting hydration and radiance, too. You don’t need to apply much and it comes in a large 150ml tube which makes it an affordable and effective cleanser suitable for all skin types.

Next the Super Serum; this highly absorbent and advanced serum sinks deep into the skin, soothing skin concerns such as sallow skin, dark circles and uneven skintone. It plumps skin, offers UV protection and helps skin retain its moisture with it’s active ingredients such as Amino acids, Marine extracts & Grape vine stem cells. Definitely a must in your skincare regime.

The new White Company advanced-skincare collection, which Chrissie created in partnership with global skincare experts DECIEM

Onto the eyes; I really love applying the Eye Revive. It leaves my eyes feeling fresh and soothed, hydrated and plumped. It even boasts that it can help to lift the upper eyelids with its blend of Persian silk tree, oxygen-boosting actives and probiotic technology. However I can’t give you a long term review as to whether it does exactly what it says it can do to banish lines because I have not been using it for long enough, but it’s definitely enjoyable to apply.

The new White Company advanced-skincare collection, which Chrissie created in partnership with global skincare experts DECIEM

Shout out to their face cloths too – double textured and as luxuriously feeling as their linen, but I guess that’s a given.

The new White Company advanced-skincare collection, which Chrissie created in partnership with global skincare experts DECIEM

For me the Night Oil, although beautifully scented (as with all the range actually) and boasting ingredients like anti-oxidant carotenoids: to help support firmer-looking, age-proof skin, Poppy-flower extract: to help visibly smooth skin’s surface and boost radiance & Amazonian oils: to deeply hydrate and improve the appearance of skin’s texture, I’m just not sure there is anything groundbreaking here. It’s really lovely to apply and absorbs quickly so definitely a good first step for someone looking to get into night oils, but for me I am not yet ready to convert from my Luna Oil.

The new advanced-skincare collection can be bought from The White Company starting at £20.

Super Balm – Gentle Daily Deep Cleanser | £25

Super Serum – Advanced Multi-depth Concentrate | £40

Advanced Hydration – Skin-Perfecting Moisturiser | £30

Night Oil – Overnight Renewal Treatment | £30

Eye Revive – Daily Brightening Eye Serum | £20

Hand Elixir – Ultra-Hydrating And Protecting Cream | £20

Face Cloth – Set of 3 – White | £15

I would really love to know if you have tried out the new skincare, and what you thought of it!

The new White Company advanced-skincare collection, which Chrissie created in partnership with global skincare experts DECIEM



Last week I was thrilled to have been invited along to the Space NK store opening in Winchester. If you follow my YouTube channel I am sure you will know I am a total beauty & skincare addict so this was my idea of heaven!


The closest Space NK store to us is about an hour away so I am so pleased they have opened their stunning new store in Winchester, Hampshire. The building, once used for tea dances (cute), has been renovated to a beautiful standard and it lends itself perfectly to the luxury brands it houses. The original beams, low ceilings and period features really give it an authentic apothecary feel.


The store was full to the brim with my absolute favourite skincare and beauty brands. From NARS to Becca and Rodial through to Zelens. All brands which aren’t readily available on the high street.

As you may know, I love Sephora and have filmed a few hauls over on my channel. However being an overseas store, it’s not exactly easy to get my hands on things. I can’t tell you how pleased I am that I now have these amazing brands on my doorstep, and what’s more I can go in, talk through my needs, wants & wishes with expertly trained staff who will be able to personally help me find the right products. The staff don’t get sales based commission which really makes me feel like the advice and service they are giving me is what’s right for me and not because they have to push particular products out the door!


What’s more, if you want to try that super expensive serum, but you have really sensitive skin (like me) then you can take away a generous sized sample and test it out for a couple of weeks to make sure you’re not going to waste your money on something you skin doesn’t like or isn’t suitable for your needs.


I didn’t quite count how many ladies there were, but there were expert make up artists on hand to do full make overs if you so wish, or touch ups, test colours/specific looks out on you which would be amazing if you had no idea what you were doing when it came to make up, wanted to try out a new look, or even if you had a night out to get ready for!


I spent over an hour just browsing everything, I was oohing and ahhing at each shelf, one after the other. I can’t tell you how much I loved it. The store was so hotly anticipated that they had a queue of almost 100 people waiting patiently before they even managed to open the doors first thing! I’m glad I’m not the only totally obsessed skincare addict!


At the back of the store, beyond the skincare and make up, was a treasure trove of beautiful smelling goodies like luxury candles and Himalayan bath salts. Plus hair styling products and organic hand and body treatments from many brands I am yet to try. My wish list was already far too long and I have definitely increased my Christmas list 5 fold since my visit.


Have you visited the newly opened Space NK in Winchester? What did you think? What’s on your beauty wish list? I’d love to know!


Take a look at my latest video featuring some of the bits I picked up at Space NK!

space nk new products august favourites current beauty faves


Morning sickness, weight gain, water retention, melasma, swollen boobs, cracked nipples…Pregnancy and beyond is flipping glamorous huh. So it’s no surprise it takes a little while to feel yourself again after having a baby. Your body has created a human and is now feeding, changing, and missing out on a whole load of sleep looking after the little darling. Fear not – life will return to some kind of new normal soon enough.

George is now almost 4 months old **insert standard how has it been 3 months already comment here** but seriously, 4 months?! I’m slowly getting back into my pre-pregnancy clothes and my hormonal skin is settling down. Here are my post pregnancy skincare faves which are helping me feel myself again and allowing my poor skin the nurturing it needs.



Oskia – Perfect Cleanser


This is uh-mazing. Like, I can’t wait to use it each evening, amazing. It is pure luxury and has helped my skin calm and be soothed. It melts onto my skin and the muslin removal method gives my skin a good exfoliation too. I cannot wait to try the rest of the Oskia range.

Clarins – Extra Firming Body Cream


Let’s be honest, losing the baby weight is only half the battle, toning the skin up is the next step to getting back that pre-baby body and considering I am yet to do any exercise this cream is the next best thing! I particularly like that it doesn’t sit on the skin or need much to work it into the skin. I us it on my tummy to help regain some tightness.

Mama Mio – Boob Tube


Despite it’s unusual fragrance due to the natural ingredients, this nourishing cream works wonders on my poor boobs who are now going through round 2 of breastfeeding – will they ever be the same again?! This lovely cream helps return some pre baby bounce to those boobs!

Maybelline – The Eraser Eye concealer


Ok, so these last 3 products aren’t strictly skincare but boy do I need them! This brightening under eye concealer is doing wonders for my under eye bags – which are large enough to pack for a fortnight’s holiday thanks to 2 hourly night time wake ups for the last 4 months,

Baptiste – dry shampoo


I’m lucky if I get to have a shower at all some days with 2 young boys on totally different schedules, let alone wash my hair. This is perfect for day 2, or 3 of my hair wash cycle and gives my hair a freshen up when I’ve not had time to wash it and extra texture when I want to war it up. Oh, and don’t even bother with most other brands – they are just no where near as good as Batiste from my experience.

Dove – roll on deodorant.


Having spent 13 months breastfeeding Henry with my normal spray deodorant before realising how many chemicals must be being sprayed into my under arm/side boob area I knew I wanted to make sure I didn’t do the same again this time. This Dove roll deodorant on gives good protection although as with the spray version I still find myself with those annoying white marks on my clothes once I’m dressed!


I’d love to hear any post pregnancy skincare recommendations you have!


Last weekend myself and some close girlfriends got together for a pre-baby get together with lots of cake and they were sweet enough to get me some lovely things for myself and the baby. As the chatter went around the table there was lots of mention about how hard it is this time around to buy gifts because we all have so much already from our first baby’s.

It got me thinking, what do you get for an expectant mother, of baby number 2, or 3! So many of the essentials are already owned, and even nice outfits can be handed down. So I thought I’d put together a list of ideas for anyone looking for baby shower gifts, or presents for baby number 2 which are more luxurious than they are essential!

Baby shower cake

1. Designer bibs – Ralph Lauren £30 for 3.

Nothing says luxury like designer labels for children! House Of Fraser stock so many amazing goodies under one roof and more affordably than you may think! I came across these cute boy’s bibs whilst browsing through their vast children’s section, the girls ones are super sweet too!

Ralph Lauren bibs

2. Aden & Anais sleeping bag £29.95

These 100% cotton muslin sleeping bags are seriously soft and help aid a comfortable, fuss free nights sleep. We are still using a sleeping bag with Henry 2 years on as he spins around in circles throughout the night, and wish I had splashed out on these in the first place as the quality is so high and the trademark Aden & Anais prints are just lovely!

Aden & Anais sleeping bag

3. Gabe & Grace custom liners – From £43

Merino wool keeps your baby cool in summer and warm in winter and is pure luxury with its deep, soft fleece pile as well as being super hygienic and kind to the newest of skin. These stunning car seat or pram liners are suitable for a wide range of prams and car seats and come in a variety of sumptuous colours.

Custom sheepskin liner

4. Organic Babies skin care for children – From £7.95

For when only the kindest of products will do for new baby skin, these totally organic skin care sets make a really thoughtful gift as they are so gentle to baby’s skin and they are available in a variety of collections.

Organic baby skincare

5. Clarins New Mother Collection £37

Who says only the baby should be showered with gifts?! Clarins do a perfect range of skin care designed for new mums and mums to be and this pure indulgent set includes some of their top pregnancy products. The amazing thing is with this set is that you’re paying for the super effective Stretch Mark Minimiser product and getting the rest of it free!!

Clarins New Mother Collection

I’d love to hear what special baby shower gifts you were given!


Well, there is definitely something in the water! At the moment, of my close friends alone, 6 lovely ladies are currently pregnant, yay! That’s a lot of skin to stretch. I wanted to dig into my archives of when I was pregnant to share some info on some of the best options to help limit stretch marks if you too are expecting (congratulations!). I’d love to hear of any super products you’d recommend of anything which worked for you. Enjoy!



Way before my first scan, I was showing…It seemed to pop out of nowhere and just kept getting bigger each day! (Making it particularly difficult around the office, let me tell you!) My thoughts turned immediately to preventing the dreaded stretch marks. They say these are hereditary so unfortunately destiny may have already decided whether or not you or I will get them, but I thought I would give as much chance to my poor skin as possible as I knew it was about to get a lot more stretched as the weeks went on.

Baby J at 25 weeks.


So what are stretch marks and why do we get them?? They are caused by the dramatic changes your body goes through when the skin is stretched suddenly and the middle layer of your skin (the dermis) breaks in places;  making room for the new life growing inside of you. They start red, pink, dark brown & can even be purple, and as time goes on after pregnancy they will fade to lighter red or silvery, but unfortunately they won’t ever go away without laser surgery (and that isn’t always guaranteed to work). At least half of pregnant women will get them and they won’t just be on your tummy, they can be on your thighs, bum, boobs & hips too – lucky us!

I know I always go on about it, but water really is such a super help to so many functions of our bodies – Make sure you keep hydrated and try to drink 2 or more litres of water a day as this will really help your skin. (I know those loo trips every 20 minutes are annoying but it’s a small price to pay when it can help with water retention, swelling, stretch marks, nausea, constipation, bladder infections and even to help prevent preterm labour caused by dehydration) I already feel my bump is massive at 33 weeks, and I have no idea how it is going to keep growing – especially as the baby will put on half its birth weight from now until it is born!

Here are a selection of some of the best oils and creams I have come across over my time being pregnant, are there any you have tried which you can recommend to me?

  •          Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Massage Cream for Stretch Marks 125g

A moisturising cream which I found helped with general dryness. It helped make my skin feel more supple although I felt I needed something a bit more heavy duty to feel like I was combatting the threat of stretch marks. It is only around £3 which made it a great budget buy.

Palmer's massage lotion

  •          Mama Mio Tummy Rub Stretch Mark Butter 125ml.

A pricier option at around £23, which I found was incredibly thick and nourishing. It has a great fresh citrus scent to it and doesn’t leave a greasy residue like some creams.


  •          Clarins Stretch Mark Control 200ml

This lighter consistency cream rubs into the skin really easily. It is around £30, but you get a lot more for your money and it seems to go quite far. I would say this cream is more useful for the fading of stretch marks, rather than the prevention so I will definitely be stocking up on some more for after if I get any!

Clarins Stretch Mark Control

On to some oils…

  •          Cowshed Udderly Gorgeous Stretch Mark Oil.

Before I write anything, it’s important to mention this should only be used after the first trimester due to some of the botanical formulations which are in it. I found the oil felt really lovely and moisturising, all the while feeling like I was having a pamper morning and night. Cowshed also do a fab Balm which is gorgeous and smells divine!

Cowshed Udderly Gorgeous Stretch Mark Oil

  •          Bio-Oil 200ml.

I have added this in because it was the first thing I used, and I know it is very popular – However…I didn’t find it suited me at all. The greasy formula sat on my skin and sank into my clothes once I got dressed, making it difficult to apply in the mornings. I also found I was always really itchy after a couple of hours where it felt like it hadn’t moisturised; it just felt like it was coating my skin rather than sinking in. That said, many find they get on really well with it & it’s also on the lower end of the budget scale at £8-£9. Maybe one for after to help heal stretch marks.

Bio Oil

  •          Burt’s Bees Mama Bee Nourishing Body Oil – My every day potion!

I had this recommended to me by a friend who has 2 children and I have to say I have not looked back. It is around £13 and admittedly I do go through a bottle every 6 weeks, but it is so lovely to use. It has a lemony scent which doesn’t disturb even the most sensitive nauseous noses! It soaks in quickly and leaves my skin so soft and supple. They also do a lovely Belly Butter which feels lovely all over my body.

Burt’s Bees Mama Bee Nourishing Body Oil

  • Neals Yard ‘Mothers Balm’ £19.75

I am yet to try this one, but I wanted to add it to the list as I love the brand and know that this will be as luxurious and gorgeous as their other products. Definitely one to try next!

Neals Yard 'Mothers Balm'

Whatever you do, try not to get down about them, there are lots of websites out there where people share stories and photos of themselves which can help if you are feeling down about them – you’re not alone, it is normal after all! And remember, they are testament to that miracle your body went through to give you that beautiful baby at the end of it.