You may have seen the buzz (awful pun, sorry!) already around the launch of the new Bugaboo Bee⁵ Pushchair. We’ve been lucky enough to have been asked to test it out before it had even hit the shops – and we have been seriously impressed! You can watch my video review here..or read on for more in depth thoughts around this latest installment of the Bugaboo Bee family…

Firstly, let me explain our backstory…We have 2 little boys aged 3 and 1. We live in a suburban location and love getting outdoors for walks and adventures. We currently have a bulky double pram which takes up my entire large boot and our eldest son has definitely outgrown the seat. He’s also got to a point where he doesn’t need a constant seat, but often gets tired if we’re out on long walks.

Bugaboo Bee 5 Pushchair - Out and about review!

Bugaboo Bee 5 Pushchair - Out and about review

Bugaboo Bee 5 Pushchair - Out and about review!

Bugaboo Bee⁵

A little about the pram: ” The compact, light Bugaboo Bee⁵ is a smart choice for urban adventurers with a newborn or toddler…The neat one-hand, one-piece fold makes it easy, and takes up less space at home…Your child can enjoy the ride from the comfort of their padded seat that grows with them — reversing, reclining and extending in just a few clicks”

Bugaboo Bee⁵ Pushchair - Out and about review

Bugaboo Bee 5 Pushchair - Out and about review

Why we love it:

As our children are older, we are less in need of a full travel system, and more in need of a compact, lightweight stroller style pushchair which I can throw in the back of the car (with one hand!) The main seat is so padded I am pleasantly surprised at the quality of the design and materials used, the height is adjustable depending on who is riding in it and the 5 point harness has a memory feature, meaning that you don’t need to readjust it when you make the seat bigger – genius. You can full recline the seat, making it suitable from birth, and even add a car seat or bassinet. It’s even fully customisable! The basket underneath is a really good size (perfect for my shopping trips) Even the wheels are detachable – great for cleaning mud and grit, and also customisable! This really is a new level of lightweight pushchair.

Bugaboo Bee⁵ Pushchair - Out and about review

Bugaboo Bee 5 review

The absolute game changer about the Bugaboo Bee⁵ for us is the toddler board, with seat!!! It’s absolutely made this pram perfect for us because we can be assured that Henry can have somewhere to sit/stand if his little legs get tired, but without the huge space that an extra full seat takes up. It’s so easy to attach – even he can do it. It takes a little knack to get used to walking to one side, but once you’re walking you really don’t notice the extra effort to walk out of the way of the board.

Bugaboo Bee⁵ Review

Bugaboo Bee 5 Pushchair - Out and about review!

Bugaboo Bee⁵ Pushchair - Out and about review

The independent 4 wheel suspension in this new upgraded model is really good and it makes light work of difficult terrain. I love the faux leather handle and the extendable sun canopy which means you can completely cover your little one up in the sun/rain/wind, or when they take a little nap (Those were the days!!)


  • Five-point harness with height-adjustable shoulder straps.
  • Independent four-wheel suspension

  • Extendable sun canopy

  • One handed steering with excellent suspension
  • Light chassis, easy compact fold

  • Car seat compatible

  • Independent carrycot

  • Extendable seat – great for bigger children

  • Rear and parent facing position

  • Suitable from birth

Thanks for reading our review. Please check out the video review if you would like to see the Bee5 in action. Thank you to Bugaboo for kindly loaning me this pushchair, all views are my own and I really do love it! The Bugaboo Bee⁵ is now available to purchase from all Bugaboo retailers.

Bugaboo Bee5


It’s a bit of a whiny, moaning post today but I just feel like we are at breaking point with our toddler’s sleep regression and I guess I want to reach out to anyone who may be going through the same or who has any advice for us!!

breaking point toddler sleep regression

I wrote a while back about baby sleep tips, and back then we certainly did have it nailed. But now it’s our almost 4 year old we are struggling with. When he turned 3 he suddenly became a lot more aware of his surroundings, and with that more scared of the outside world. Totally normal, I know. We went 3 months having to sleep on his floor and finally he seemed to grow out of it. That was for a good few months, but then back around Christmas time he regressed again. Currently we’re having to sit with him each night until he falls asleep. And then once he wakes, around midnight or 2am he just walks straight into our room and into our bed.

breaking point toddler sleep regression

In theory this doesn’t sound too bad. But the reality is that he gets in and somehow, inexplicably, manages to sleep across both of our pillows kicking and headbutting us both all night. I fear waking him to move him because the thought of trying to get him back to sleep in the middle of the night seems to hard to bare and getting sucker punched in the eyeball seems the more appealing solution.

We have tried putting him back into his bed and this can happen 5 times a night, and it just gets to a point when it’s so much easier just to roll over and let him in. Last week felt like we were at breaking point when I spent the majority of the night sleeping, like a dog, at the foot of the bed, with no pillow and only my arms covered by the duvet. Not ideal.

breaking point toddler sleep regression

I filmed a little video over on my YouTube which goes into more detail. I’m not even sure what I am going to gain from even sharing this, but sometimes it just feels a little bit better when you can get it out there, and frankly have a bit of a moan! Have you been through this? Did you survive to tell the tale? I’d love to know what worked for you.

Thanks for listening to me moan!!

toddler sleep regression breaking point


toddler photoshoot

The late September sun is setting on a wonderful summer with my boys. I am so lucky that I get to spend so much time with them around my working week and watching them grow and their bond strengthen. This isn’t to say it’s not flipping hard work with a toddler and a pre-schooler who both like to push their boundaries and drive me to the brink of despair each day. But still, they are kind of awesome.

toddler photoshoot outdoors with lavender

This year many of my friend’s children have gone off to school. Those tiny babies we welcome into the world, eagerly anticipating news of each safe arrival. We’ve watched them grow into the confident and clever little things they are now, excitedly getting themselves dressed into their neatly pressed uniforms, enthusiastically waiting for this new adventure to begin. Of course we have seen the older children within our friend groups grow and begin school. But I guess it’s never really been on my radar until now. Now that it’s almost our turn to get through it!

preschool adventures. Fun with pre-schoolers before they start school

Although we have a full year until our first born begins this adventure, I am already feeling the pull of the heartstrings. Before we know it, it will be our turn. We will be the parents frantically waiting for our number to be called in the carnage that is Clarks in late August and sowing in tear-soaked name labels through bleary eyes (Do people even use name labels still!?) I have so much to learn.

preschool adventures. Fun with pre-schoolers before they start school

It feels like we are only just getting to grips with this parenting thing. We’re far from experts, but do we have a vague knowledge of what we are doing. And the whole thing is going to be tipped upside down once school begins. It won’t just be Henry who is learning new things every day. I don’t think I am ready for that school gate chat, the school-mum friendships, the new routine. And I know I’m not ready for Henry to grow up with new influences outside of our control. My sweet little baby will become more of his own person each day. It’s such a strange feeling to know we have to let him go, let him experience things without us, give him the independence to make his own decisions, his own mistakes.

toddler photoshoot outdoors with lavendar

But we still have a year to go. A year left of this cherished time which I know we will never get back. So here’s to the Preschool adventures in the year ahead and all the fun we can have together before my best friend leaves me behind.

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Those baby milestones. Special firsts captured the moment they occur. Then, once the photos have been taken, video captured and messages sent to granny and grandpa to let them know of this great feat just performed by your amazing little human, they’re written straight in the book.

siblings second child second best

Fast forward to second or third baby, you might catch them doing it out of the corner of your eye and offer fleeting congratulations, but immediately your mind gets switched back to the everyday business of disarming the toddler who is coming at your little one ready to wheel a Thomas train across their head.
siblings second child second best

I worked out of the local library the other day and next to me was the sing and sign group, heaving with little tiny dots all gazing around at the beaming faces of mummies enthusiastically singing verses of Old MacDonald and energetically being lifted during the chorus of Humpty Dumpty.

Second child, second best?

It dawned on my that I don’t think I ever quite made it to a single group designed for just babies. Sure, George comes along to the great community groups & play dates I go to for Henry and he gets on with whatever activity set out for the toddlers, but gone are the days I can dedicate to Baby Sensory or baby massage. Those days, which at the time seem pretty difficult and all consuming, now feel like I’m having a day off when I only have George with me, and guilty that I should be doing more than only looking after one small person.

siblings second child second best

But there’s something to be said for subsequent children. Not only are we as parents so much more relaxed with our youngest and therefore in general, but our’s spends his days curiously watching and learning from his big brother; being entertained by all the fun and interesting things he finds him doing, inquisitively looking and listening. On the occasion Henry isn’t with us George is totally lost without him, he almost pines for him.


Yes, I might be able to count the number of new outfits our second child owns on one hand, and maybe I did only get him weighed about three times because it just wasn’t practical to drag a wild 2 year old along with me. But by no means does that make him second best. He is loved. As much as our hearts can love anything, and if not more because he has his big brother ever doting on him, caring for him when he has a bump, who knows when to tell me he’s doing something unsafe. Learning from us the unconditional love we have for them both.

siblings second child second best

I still find him fascinating to watch. The way he chews his food within his gummy mouth, each mouthful an adventure. A tired yawn, which I find to be one of the cutest things he does. Watching his face light up when Henry excites him with the smallest of attention and the uncontrollable excitement, hands clapping, when he knows food is being given to him.

siblings second child second best
Those memories may not be written down in that book, the one I am pretty sure has been coloured all over by his older sibling, but they are ingrained into my mind. Cherished pieces of the jigsaw of what makes us whole and the family that we are because of him completing us. And I’m not sure any book can convey those memories.





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superhero style decor toddler room ideas

For a mum, there aren’t many priorities that top making things special for your children. That can mean anything from a special gift to a fun experience, or anything in between. But one way you can do something special for your child that will really last is by putting some special design touches on his or her bedroom.

Sometimes, bedroom design actually falls by the wayside. You might set up a nursery with calming colours and soft décor before a baby is born, but after you might not think to do a full-scale re-design; instead, you might simply add new things to the room as your child grows up. That’s all good, and if the child is comfortable and happy that’s really all that matters! But if you have a young child beginning to develop his or her own interests, you can really have fun crafting a room to suit those interests.

Here are a few fun ways to do it!

red star and gnome toddler bedroom accessories

Emphasise Favourite Colours

As I mentioned, a lot of parents will put a good deal of thought into a nursery design, and paint (or wallpaper) colour tends to be a bit part of that. Should you do baby blue for a boy, and pink for a girl? Or what about a slight variation with pale green for a boy and pastel purple for a girl? Or should you choose something more neutral like a pale yellow or a soothing off-white for the room? These are questions a lot of us ask when we have a baby on the way.

The fun part about watching a child grow older is that you no longer have to answer these questions! The child can. Some time ago Elle Décor posted a gallery of inspiring children’s rooms. While there’s a lot to glean from the designs, one thing that stands out is colour. Each featured room has one or two defining colours, and they’re not just rooted in the pink and blue stereotypes. The lesson here is to see what colour (or colours) your child might have a preference for and design accordingly.

superhero and comic book magazines in frames for toddler decor Fun Tips For Decorating Your Child's Room

Build Low Cabinets Or Shelves

Sure, the idea of carpentry doesn’t sound like you’re creating a magical wonderland for the little ones. But I remember watching a friend’s toddler play a few years ago and being overcome by the cuteness of the little girl arranging her toys neatly on a shelf that was about up to my knee! It’s since occurred to me that children like to collect things, and they deserve the space to organise those things.

For this reason, I’d recommend building some small, low cabinets or shelves into your growing child’s room—and this actually isn’t too difficult. Aside from basic building materials, you’ll just need screws and a power drill. Screwfix’s inventory of Makita drills can help you to get an idea of what such a tool can accomplish. These drills feature the latest technology and can quickly do the work that might take you hours manually, which means any old mum (or non DIY Dad like my hubby!) can turn into a suitable carpenter to build little shelving for kids!

Fun Tips For Decorating Your Child's Room

Consider Bunk Beds

Bunk beds don’t always seem to be the most practical options. Indeed, unless you have twins or you have young children close enough in age to share a room, they might seem wholly unnecessary! Yet, if you recall being a child yourself, you may remember being fascinated by the idea of bunk beds. There’s just something exciting about them, whether it’s the promise of a friend staying the night at some point, or simply the tiered element they add to a room. One bed on top of another, to a child, may as well be a fort (which of course is great fun).

There are innumerable ways to design bunk beds, though in the end you’ll probably need more than materials and a drill for this one. You may need some outside help (or you may just have to make a purchase), but for some inspiration, the extraordinary bunk bed designs featured at Architecture Art Designs can all be of service. Some of them are truly outstanding.

ikea kallax set up and storage ideas in children's bedroom

Supply Special Animals

I know, this sounds oddly specific in the context of room design. But let’s face it: every child loves stuffed animals! And better yet, larger stuffed animals essentially function as furniture (or at least pillows) for a small child. So it’s always a fun idea not only to stock a child’s room with stuffed animals as a form of decoration, but to find some particularly special ones to do it with.

If you want, you can always go for your child’s favourite stuffed animal, or else simply find some big cuddly ones you enjoy yourself. But a company called Budsies also offers a particularly special approach which I actually really love the idea of as the boys get older. They build custom stuffed animals based on children’s drawings (whether or not they resemble actual animals at all). It’s great fun, and something that your child will appreciate to no end. In fact, you may even find yourself tempted to build one or two on your own!

superhero style decoration in toddlers bedroom Fun Tips For Decorating Your Child's Room

I hope you like these ideas, I’d love to hear any of yours or see some of your little one’s rooms as I am gathering ideas for when George moves up into a “big boy bedroom” from his nursery so I’m looking forward to designing that with his tastes in mind!

This post was written in collaboration with Erin Marshall.