Children’s Christmas Books

I wanted to bring you a separate gift guide to include purely children’s books because there are so many beautiful books available I didn’t want them to get lost within the other children’s gift guide. Henry is really, really into books. But I love mixing them up at Christmas to bring him the magic and get him excited for the big man in the red suit to arrive!


Personalised 12 Days Of Christmas £23.



This personalised book from I See Me is something to be treasured and bring out each year. It’s fully personalised with Henry’s photograph inside and his name on every page. The book content itself is a great way to get your child counting and even work on their memory. Each book is unique and you can include a personalised message to your child, making it all the more special.

(I See Me books are now available to UK customers with a turn around time of just 2 weeks so plenty of time for Christmas!)

Book-O-Masks by Curious Fox £5.99


There are a few to the series including book-o-beards which bring so much fun to story time, encouraging young children’s imagination and role play skills. These are great fun for children and adults alike, you can even bring them out for some family Christmas games!

Santa Is Coming to... £3.99


I got my hands on this book last year and was literally so excited that our little town had a whole book written about it! These are available for loads of different towns and cities and shares a brilliant story of Santa’s journey to deliver all the toys to all the children. The detail is brilliant, the text includes place names, roads, shops – really great for older children too who have more of an understanding of the places around them.

The Snowman Pop Up book £5.99


This absolute classic has been given a revival with the addition of pop up & pull out pages. Featuring all original artwork of the book we all know and love ourselves about the snowman who comes to life.

Mog’s Christmas Calamity £3

(Exclusive to Sainsbury’s)


Shooting back into fame thanks to the Sainsbury’s Christmas ad campaign this little cat has had a facelift for Christmas and has since topped the UK book charts. There’s something special about reading a book to my children that I used to have read to me over and over and I hope they will love it as much as I used to.



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