Crimbo Limbo.

I have no idea how to start this post, and I’m not entirely sure there’s a real purpose to it either! I just know that I needed to write some words. Needed to put some feelings down. This period between Christmas and New Year; Crimbo limbo…Betwixmas if you will. The week between Christmas and NYE when most of us, those who are lucky enough to have days and days off between the 2 bank holidays, spend it eating our body weight in left over Heroes, even the Chomps. No one knows quite what day it is or what we are meant to be doing. The high of Christmas has been replaced by an itch to get the house back to some kind of order and start a health kick.

crimbo limbo what to do during these days between christmas and new year betwixmas

I feel so content at the moment. The boys have, for now, been brilliant the past week. They love having their Dad around every day and I’ve been really enjoying watching their bond develop even more. Henry has suddenly changed so much, his speech has developed loads and I am really noticing how much he is maturing. George’s face has even changed, his cheeky grin remaining but he looks so different, suddenly handsome. We’ve had such a lovely time all being together, some days being surrounded by friends and family and other days where it’s just us. I feel full of love at the moment. And cheese.

crimbo limbo what to do during these days between christmas and new year betwixmas

I’m relishing this time because it would be foolish to think the boys will be well behaved or as delightful as they are being for long. If you’re a parent you know these golden days where you feel like you have it all worked out and everyone is being good don’t last long. Soon we will be back to epic meltdowns over sandwiches cut into squares and not triangles and whispering for fuck’s sake 17,000 times under my breath each day. I’m going to miss having Stuart around and having an excuse to still be in our PJ’s at midday. But I guess we need times off like this to have something to work towards, to make all the hard work during the year worth it.

crimbo limbo what to do during these days between christmas and new year betwixmas

It’s time to start planning 2017. I have so many ideas for my YouTube channel it’s hard to not be overwhelmed by it all. I am terrible at being patient, I just want to do things now. But I’ve made sure I had a full week off of work, all things social media, to enjoy this family time and not spend it staring into my phone. It’s been amazing and I’m ready to start the New Year focused and refreshed.

I really hope you’ve all had a nice Christmas and I’m looking forward to sharing our adventures in 2017. Happy New Year.


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  1. Row
    December 31, 2016 / 2:55 pm

    We have spent the last few days not getting up until midday! Making the most of it before the crazy ‘we need to sort and organise our lives’ in 2017 🙂 Merry Christmas to you and the family! Xxx

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