Dining Room Decor

Now that we’ve finished work on Henry’s toddler room, which you can see here we’re finally getting around to updating the dining room decor, and I have ideas racing around my head as to how I want it. I did a mood board for Henry’s room and it helped me download some of the many ideas as to how I wanted it, I’m hoping this mood board will do the same for all my ideas for the dining room decor.

Sadly the room doesn’t have much character and is just a square room with doors leading out to the back garden and off to the dining room with an open plan kitchen off of it, but I am hoping to inject some fun and style into the room. I’ve had some brick wall paper from Next in storage for about 5 years, and not really known where to put it, I’m not even sure how it will look; you may need to stand over the road with one eye closed and your head tilted for it to actually look like a brick wall, but I still really love it.

Teamed with dark grey walls and accessorised with lots of antique feel prints, metallics and a bespoke table which a lady is making for us, finished with some Eames style chairs. I’m hoping the room will have a luxe feel with hints of quirky character. I am now on the hunt for all the extra furniture, a sideboard or possibly larger unit and all the accessories and art work. I need to decide which metal to go with for the right finish, and where to place all the furniture to maximise the space the boys have to run through each room. Our decorator is coming this week, I can’t wait to see it painted!

Dining Room decor


I’d love to know if you know of anything that would look great in our new dining room! Keep your eyes peeled for the finished result! x


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