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Welcome back to my Disney Tips series! I hope you’ve been enjoying it so far. I am getting incredibly excited for our trip to Disney World – we have just under a year to go but I already feel immersed in the magic and excitement and I have loved sharing these posts with you, so I hope you’ve enjoyed them too. Today I am going to be talking about some of the first timer Disney tips I have learnt from all my research for anyone looking to book a Disney World holiday. I would love to hear any of your tips or hacks too!

Disney tips for first timers, how to book a Disney holiday

Disney Tips – Tips for first timers!

Plan, Plan, Plan!! Understand where the rides are located to help plan your days, this helps you reduce the amount of back and forth walking you may have to do. Plan, but realise that you may have to adjust plans if things like the weather affects them! Plus, don’t be disheartened if you have to change your plans – you are at Disney – whatever you do will be amazing!!

Use Fast Pass Plus to reduce queuing – Especially advantageous if you’re staying onsite at a Disney Hotel!
Don’t waste your snack credit/money on waterAny quick service restaurant will give you free ice water tip – take a mini bottle of squash to add to water if need be.
Use the My Disney Experience Appthis is the best Disney tip around! – it is your essential guide for your planning!
Don’t sleep in! I know you’ll be jet lagged, but I really don’t think Walt Disney World is the place to be catching up on your Zzzzz’s. The early starts are great for making use of your magic hours! 
Don’t exhaust yourself!Ok, so you don’t want to waste your mornings sleeping, but equally you will get tired, so factor in some rest time and some time out of the sun, then come back to hit the parks in the late afternoon, perhaps take a trip to the beach at Disney’s Blizzard beach or even just lounge by the hotel pool while the children play. 

Disney tips for first timers, how to book a Disney holiday
SnacksIf on a Disney dining plan don’t spend snack credits on things like crisps which you can bring in yourself for free! tip – just jump in an Uber to stock up on some snacks at a local supermarket.
Don’t expect to do it all!Disney is always changing and new things are always being introduced, there is far too much to do in one trip even if you’re there for weeks – write down some things you absolutely must not miss and try and be flexible with the rest.
Try and factor in some down time – especially in the first few days when everyone will be feeling tired, this can even just be at a show – get out of the heat and off of your feet! 

Disney tips for first timers, how to book a Disney holiday
Pack on the go phone chargers! – You don’t want to miss out on taking photos if your phone dies! (If you do then definitely take advantage of the Memory Maker!)

Bring an extra spare bag for bringing everything home indon’t kid yourself that you wont be doing this! 

Disney tips for first timers, how to book a Disney holiday
Wear your shoes in first Walt Disney World covers 47 square miles of beautiful Floridian landscape; that’s the size of San Francisco!! You’ll be walking miles and miles!
Pack plasters for blisters! For the inevitable
Pack a extension cable rather than lots of plug adaptors for charging points – genius huh!

Disney tips for first timers, how to book a Disney holiday
Consider taking a ziplock bag for keeping your phone dry during the storms & wet rides! – you can even use your phone inside the bag to make it waterproof!
Buy your Disney merch before you go a trip to Primark or the UK Disney store will kit you out with some amazing Disney clothing for a fraction of the price. Alternatively there are two outlets near the parks called Disney Character Warehouse which you could check out.
Get there for Rope Drop this is when the park opens, sometimes you’ll be allowed in before official opening time. Tip – if you pick 2-3 rides that are close together then you’ll be able to fit loads in before the crowds arrive.

Disney tips for first timers, how to book a Disney holiday
At Hollywood Studios, if you’ve already watched Fantasmic go on the rides while the show is on half the park will be in the show so the queue will be shorter.

And finally…Always pack ponchos even on sunny days – Florida is also the Lightning Capital of the World – who knows when it will rain! TipPack a ziplock bag to store wet ones in when you put them back in your bag!

I would LOVE to hear your First Timer Tips For Disney World Holidays, leave me a comment below!

Disney tips for first timers, how to book a Disney holiday

Thank you to Disney for sharing these beautiful images with me. Keep your eyes out for more Disney Tips over here! 

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