Falling into Autumn.

It’s getting into that time of year again when everyone falls in love with Autumn and all the seasonal delights which come with it. In the UK we seem to get to the back end of August, having wished for warmer weather for months, and everyone is just so ready for Autumn. Those crisp dark evenings which draw in earlier by the day, the sweet smell of the burning harvest lingering in the air as you leave the office, all those gorgeous new outfits to buy in new key shades of the season, the pop of a berry toned lip or nails, adding instant style to any look. It’s a total blogger cliche, and I’m sure there are far too many posts floating around the internet about everyone’s “favourite season”…

Falling into Autumn toddler playing in the fallen leaves in the late afternoon Autumn sun

But I love how, in the UK, there is always something around the corner to look forward to. Once the excitement and fun of Christmas is over, when we’re all feeling totally fed up of over indulgence (yes, even I can get sick of tooooooo much chocolate and cheese!) there’s a nice quiet January to chill, catch up on Netflix & promise yourself you’ll go to the gym. Then comes the fun of that first big night out at the end of January to toast the fact that we all made it through the.most.boring month of the year or to simply enjoy the pay check you’ve been dying for. Next, Valentine’s Day is upon us (like it or loathe it) and before you know it – Easter is here and Hi, more chocolate indulgence and a lovely long weekend full of feasting is due. Well, once that’s all over all hail the double ended May bank holidays and then boom you’re on the highway to Summer. Fun packed with holidays, picnics, weekends spent outdoors, and anything other than having to spend every day at indoor soft plays trying to entertain children (hell).

falling into autumn, my favourite things about the change of the season

And then, just as you can’t bare to pack up any more picnics, you’re fed up of shaving your legs every. damn. day. and you just really really want to start wearing your new faux fur gillet and olive corduroy skirt – with TIGHTS…We’re all falling into Autumn.

just as you can't bare to pack up any more picnics, you're fed up of shaving your legs every. damn. day, we're all falling into autumn

Halloween crafts, Fluffy socks & PJ’s, Hot Chocolate, The lead up to Christmas! Oversized fluffy jumpers, Pumpkin picking, cosy Sunday’s with a roast dinner, new fashion and no more sale rails! Not feeling guilty about not leaving the house all day, a change of make up looks, fireworks, movie afternoons…

Just a few of my favourite things about the change of the season. What are your favourite things about Autumn? 

Falling into Autumn toddlers walking by the river in the late afternoon Autumn sun




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