Finding a designer baby change bag.

When I had Henry, there were a few designer changing bags on the market, but fast forward a couple of years and the market has been flooded with beautifully designed, luxury change bags which mean that you don’t have to substitute style for boring old practical just because you have become a Mummy. They have convenient and organised solutions on the inside the whilst still being modern and fashionable on the outside.

That being said, these do come at rather a high price. However your change bag will be with you every day, for a year or more (I know some mummies who still use them when the baby isn’t even with them because they are so nice) and for further justification you can always use it again with your next baby should you have one.

I have been doing some research to bring you 5 top stylish options across a range of budgets to help you adjust to swapping out your handbag for the essential change bag.


Pacapod Idaho Hobo £75

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change bag hobo

Baby Beau Sophia Croc Changing Bag £189.99


Babymel Big Slouchy zig zag £49.95


Seraphine Navy tote change bag £69



Storksak Lucinda tote £175

storksak change bacg


Alternatively, a cost friendly option if you had a large bag already which would suit being used as a change bag (large inside, long enough handles to go over the pram and either leather or splash proof nylon material) would be to get an insert such as the following;
Baby Beau changing-mat-organiser £24

change bag insert                  Baby Beau Insert


Pacapod changer pod £29.95



And these little puppies will extend your bag straps if you don’t have long enough ones to go over the pram (which is essential!)

Pacapod Pram Hook £12.95

bag pram hook

I’d love to know what bag you go for, ladies!


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