How To Create A Peaceful Haven In Your Bedroom.

As a busy Mum of 2 young boys that moment where I collapse into bed is sometimes one that I long for the entire day! But of late I’ve been struggling to get to sleep, my mind active with all the things I need to do the next day looking at rogue Batman toys abandoned at the foot of our bed, just ready to be trodden on…I’ve found that creating a peaceful haven in my bedroom has really helped me relax and drift off to sleep peacefully, so I thought I would share today my tips for creating a peaceful haven in your bedroom if you’re also looking for some ideas to get that Zen back in your life.

How To Create A Peaceful Haven In Your Bedroom

Keep Things Clutter-Free.

clutter free How To Create A Peaceful Haven In Your Bedroom.

If there’s one thing around the home that makes me feel on edge, it’s clutter. Clutter creates distraction, and that’s not what you need for a calming environment, so make sure you add plenty of storage so that even if you (like me) have far too many lotions and potions, they can be neatly hidden out of sight and keep include some sweet little storage solutions on top to make things look nice and organised.

If you’ve watched my YouTube channel. you’ll know that I have made multiple videos about minimalism and how much it can affect my mood. If you’re new to minimalism you can read my tips for how to become a minimalist. Although I’m still a bit of a hoarder, I am much more aware of keeping the things we own down to a minimum and also being more mindful about bringing things into the house.

Choose The Perfect Bed

The perfect mattress How To Create A Peaceful Haven In Your Bedroom

We’ve always called our bed the cloud, we have a memory foam mattress which we just sink into and it’s perfectly moulded to our bodies, which creates the most comfortable place to lay. Finding a beautiful double bed or even King size which ties into your bedroom décor beautifully will make you feel like this space is your own (despite the odd superhero) and your haven for peace. Given that we spend approximately a 1/3 of our lives sleeping it’s well worth investing in the perfect bed and mattress to assist with a full night’s sleep.

Create Mood Lighting

How To Create A Peaceful Haven In Your Bedroom, mood lighting

It’s important to have the lights low when it comes to slowing your brain down for the night ahead. Bed side lamps will allow you to control the lighting from the comfort of your bed and will help to create a peaceful mood before you drift off.

Opt For Light and airy

How To Create A Peaceful Haven In Your Bedroom light and airy

I think that light colours on the walls are really relaxing and perfect for the bedroom. A red wall screaming at me would feel quite intense and not what I need before bedtime. They also open up the room and give the feeling of more space and a calming atmosphere.

Cosy up

How To Create A Peaceful Haven In Your Bedroom coy up with textiles

Get cosy with your accessories. Opting for soft cushions and throws will help you to feel snuggly comfortable. I also love using cushions to prop myself up when reading and use extra blankets when it’s cooler at night. I love changing the accessories up throughout the year to change the styling of the room without having to totally overhaul the decor.

Replace Technology With Books

How To Create A Peaceful Haven In Your Bedroom replace technology with books

It’s a well-known fact that reducing screen time before bed helps us get a good night’s sleep. I am terrible when it comes to being on my phone at night, because all my work is on my phone be it social media or emails. But I have been really trying to read more before bedtime to help my brain switch off and I sometimes feel myself drifting within a few pages! Some people find putting their phone onto “do not disturb” really helps, or even turning it off after 10pm.

Download A Sleep App

Some nights, no matter what I have done to help my brain shut down, I am just too wired to get to sleep. If I’ve been doing emails late my head will be buzzing with ideas of blog posts to write or videos to film. Over the past year or so I’ve been amazed at how incredible guided sleep meditation apps can be. They help me to clear my brain and focus on my body and help it to drift off to a peaceful night of sleep. I would really recommend having a go if you’ve not already tried one, I swear by them and am usually asleep before the 10-minute session has ended! (Tip: Make sure you set the app to stop once current episode ends so it doesn’t keep going all night!)

How To Create A Peaceful Haven In Your Bedroom. sleep meditation app

I hope these tips help you create your peaceful haven in your bedroom, I’d love to know what you do to make your bedroom a special place in your home so don’t forget to leave me a comment down below and share this if you found it helpful!


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