11 random facts about me.

11 random facts about me.

I once spent New Years Eve on Richard Branson’s yacht.

I wish I could speak Spanish fluently. I almost could went I spent 6 months in South America but I soon lost it when I came home.

I have travelled around the world three times – and would love to do it all again!

11 random facts about me

I once said out loud at work, “do we sell wireless cables?!” (Still haunts me now!)

I always seem to see famous people when I am out.

I have a fear of sweetcorn!

I’m slightly obsessed with Sex And The City.¬†

I have the most insane intense dreams all the time. (never tell people about your dreams, it’s incredibly boring for them!)

Espresso Martini’s are my drink of choice on a girlie night out.

I only watched Dirty Dancing for the first time a couple of years ago! – It’s amazing!!

My passion is to travel and I would love to live in America.

solvang an authentic danish hamlet in california


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