Micheldever Woods, a family update.

This exact time last year, myself, Henry and my parents took a walk out to Micheldever Woods as I frantically tried to capture some last minute bump shots before our then mystery baby arrived! You can see the full shoot here, and thank you again to my parents for helping to capture some amazing photos as memories of Henry with my bump – just what I wanted!



Last weekend we returned as a family of 4, with our now almost 1 year old George – I don’t care how cliche this is –  where does the time go?! The woods are in Hampshire, on the A30 from Basingstoke on the way to Winchester. I like to think they are our secret woods, but this particular sunny Sunday was set to prove me wrong as we queued for 10 minutes just to get into the carpark!

Hoards of families walking off their roasts, Dad’s and Son’s on bicycles eagerly setting off on trails and excited dogs tugging their owners, sniffing out the offerings of nature. Not that you would know it once you were in of course, the vast woodland stretches out in all directions and once you’re off the main trail you may not see another person.



There’s quite a few areas for climbing and jumping around, as well as some great bases which have been made to be explored. Henry was so much more interested in everything inside this time, asking lots of questions; I was nervously looking out for spiders of course! He was thrilled there were so many extremely squelchy puddles to daringly jump into. I love how his imagination is so active now. He is such a funny little dude, and we can have really full on conversations with him now, he’s always making us laugh, surprising us with just how much he knows and bossing us about!



I love how caring Henry is towards his little brother. Always going over to give him a hug or a pat on the head, making sure that he is ok – or perhaps just keeping an eye out that his favourite toy isn’t within George’s reach! We are finally feeling fully adjusted to life as a 4 and even though it still feels like George has only just arrived this past year has raced by and I can’t believe my baby is almost 1! I’m not entirely sure Henry understands he will be sharing his Birthday this year and forever more with his new little brother – or maybe he will just think all siblings share a birthday?! Henry is fiercely independent and demanding, strong willed and full of charm. We basically spend our days being bossed around by him!


George has such a sweet little personality, he gets so animated and flaps his arms around happily when he’s excited by the slightest thing. Gentle yet determined and noticeably much more affectionate than Henry was at this age. He always comes over for a cuddle or just to clamber on top of us and offers a kiss when you ask. He still wakes once or twice every night, Stuart has been brilliant and shares the night feeds with me thankfully. I secretly don’t mind too much as it means extra cuddles just us with no big brother stealing all the attention. I spend a lot of time kissing his soft little head and he giggles uncontrollably at the very anticipation of me blowing raspberries on his chunky cheeks.

He’s forever looking around for his brother, watching what he does and learning from him – good and bad! Henry always asks to go in George’s bed when he wakes from his nap and they jump up and down singing or shouting out random things, laughing their heads off. Once, Henry threw each one of George’s toys over the cot and since then every morning I go in George has done the same and he looks up at me, head tilted to the side as if to say “what, me?” – the first of a lonnnng list of naughty tricks he’s learnt from his mischievous older brother.

I hope they stay forever close, best friends as well as brothers. Me and my 3 boys xx



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