Mother’s Day Gift Guide – For Mamas, By Mamas.

If blogging has taught me one thing, it’s that the community of people who blog are a cool bunch of mamas. So many inspiring Mother’s have founded businesses born from the need of something they wanted for their child which they discovered doesn’t exist, for like minded Mother’s who know the every day struggles or even Mum’s who perhaps don’t blog, but have gone into business creating beautiful gifts for us mummies.



I love that being part of the blogging world brings all these beautiful things to my attention! So, this Mother’s Day, instead of, for want of a better word, a generic gift guide I want to bring you a special “Made for Mamas, by Mamas” guide, showcasing some of the best items from some amazing mamas to make that gift extra special this year.



Selfish Mother Apparel £45 #goodtees

This is at the top of my personal wish list. I have been wanting to begin my collection of Selfish Mother clothing for a while now. The amount of time I spend in a comfy sweatshirt and skinnies these days (life after 2 kids!!) is more than I care to admit and these have the most amazing story behind them. Founder Molly Gunn has ensured each range of clothing donates all profits to charities – from KIDS charity UK, to Women for Women International. As of January Selfish Mother has donated over £75,000 to charities to help power people less fortunate than us. Stuart has chosen my first design as I can’t possibly choose but I think this is the beginning of a new obsession – just check out all of these designs!


Sarah from the Unmumsy Mum blog has had her musings turned into a book – and what a book!! I absolutely love her blog for it’s non sugar-coated accounts of motherhood; the highs, the many lows and everything in between – honest, observational and relatable. This book is an absolute must for any Mum out there. Whenever you’re having a bad Mummy day, highlighted by those perfectly filtered Instagram mum’s, pick up this book, or click onto her blog for a reality check. It’s ok to lose your shit, it’s ok to feel like a crap mum, it’s ok to doubt your very existence on this earth.
Stuart bought me this the day it came out and I’ve laughed and cried my way through it! The Unmumsy Mum Book is already topping the UK book charts, yay Sarah!


Steph from Don’t Buy Her Flowers is another fab blogger who has created a successful business dedicated to us mamas!
There’s a variety of options on her website, all of which are lovingly hand picked from beautiful British companies and carefully produced to make the recipient feel as special as she should feel. Roses are nice and all, but when you send a package of specifically selected items catered to the special mum you’re buying for, you know she’s going to feel good about it.
Check out all the options available online. But let’s be honest, she had me at gin.
Now I’m sure you know by now I love me a good candle. I was SO excited to find these beautiful artisan candles to share with you. Laura set up her business, Pur Candles when her now 6 year old son started pre-school. Having always adored candles she decided to try her hand at experimenting in making her own fully natural candles, with no nasties being released into the air – unlike most candles available on the market. She now has a strong following with 8 UK stockists.
Pur candles has it all; clean burning, vegan, full of essential oils, and they throw out unreal fragrances, perfect for the family home.
If you want to buy your wife/partner/mother jewellery and you’d like something personalised, these tri metal flat bangles are perfect! I love stackable jewellery and these Merci Maman bracelets are serious arm candy. Béatrice de Montille, a French mum living in London, crafted the first Merci Maman bracelet from her kitchen table, and almost 10 years on is still creating beautiful hand made jewelery for Mummies all around the world. I love how you can have a special message inscribed along the bracelet making it really personal.
So there we have it! I hope this gift guide has inspired you and opened up some different gift ideas for this year. I really love finding and supporting fellow bloggers and the beautiful gifts they produce, so go take a look!
Happy Mother’s Day to any mamas reading this! Lara xx

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