Our Biggest Adventure yet!

Traveling with a baby. Sounds difficult right? Well, Stuart and I have decided to dive head first into our first trip abroad with Henry by packing up for a few weeks and traveling over to America and Canada. This will be a serious adventure! **Cue searching the web for traveling with a baby blogs!**

Showing baby Henry all the places we will be taking him.

I absolutely love to travel and before I met Stuart I traveled a lot. Taking in over 25 countries such as Brazil, Bolivia, Guatemala, Samoa, and New Zealand. Then when we got married we were lucky enough to be able to take 6 months to travel more of the world together, before coming home to start a family.


Now that we have our beautiful son we have finally, after a lot of deliberations back and forth, decided that I will go back to work and before doing so we will take Henry to make some fantastic memories with him in North America. Now I know what you’re thinking; ‘he won’t remember any of it’, ‘it sounds like hard work’ and possibly ‘are we mad?!’ Yes, probably all of the above! But we will cherish those memories we make with our son there with us and always be able to look back on them when he is old enough to be embarrassed by the photos! Yes it is true that it will be hard work and possibly difficult – but isn’t everything with a new child? A trip to the shops these days isn’t possible without pre-planning and packing up everything you need for any possible situation while you’re out – it’s just this but on a HUGE scale.


Sunset in Fiji


I have lists coming out of my ears, and a rising feeling of panic every time I think of the flight, the jet lag and any possible issues we may face along the way. But all of this is insignificant when I think of the fantastic memories we will make with our Son, and the precious time we will share all together. I have so much to write about, and so much to plan but thought I would share with you this news before the adventure begins…In less than 2 weeks!! **reaches for pen to write another list**


Trips out with Henry.



I would really, really love to hear any advice you may have to help us on our way! Any products you have found which you can’t travel without and any places we shouldn’t miss out! Please do get in touch.


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