You may have seen my New Year’s resolutions video recently where I resolved to have less stuff, so I am really getting into minimalism this year and I wanted to share my tips for how to be a minimalist! There’s a video up on my YouTube which I will link below, which contains 12 hacks to help you on your way to being a minimalist, but to get you started here are 5 quick and easy tips. Please let me know in the comments if you have any more ideas or hacks which you find help you be more minimalist and have. less. stuff.

How to be a minimalist 12 hacks to get you started

– one –

Know why you are doing it. To keep yourself on track. Whether that is because you want to save money, to live a less cluttered life or perhaps you’re looking to buy a house and need to downsize. Put it down on paper so you can return to it when you need some inspiration to keep it up.

– two –

Use up all of your products before buying new ones. I am terrible at this one! I get to about a third less and I never use it again – I need to get better at this! Often they are expensive skincare items so I now make sure I am finishing things up before buying new products!

– three –

Make sure you clean your car out every couple of days. You could work really hard at cleaning your home and space around you, but if you don’t extend this to your car – your office even, then the feeling of a less cluttered lifestyle can be put back every time you get in your car to go anywhere.

 – four –

Tackle the small stuff first. Gain momentum by doing the easy things first and getting a good feeling from having achieved that. Start with things like your handbag or condiments cupboard then move onto the hard stuff like the wardrobe and linen cupboard!

 – five –

Go and unsubscribe to all those emails you don’t want to be receiving, all those people you met once on holiday but don’t actually ever see, and all those people who have a negative energy. Getting rid of all the online noise will help you cut down on what activity you have to actually be dealing with online and leave you more time for the things you do want to see and the things you enjoy looking at.

Come and take a look at my 12 Minimalist hacks video over on my YouTube for more ways to live a less cluttered life. Thank you for watching! xx


I’ve been wanting to join in with a linky for the longest time, and The Ordinary Moments seems like the absolute perfect place to start. Firstly, I absolutely adore Katie from Mummy Daddy Me, and now that the lovely Donna has joined Katie as co-host, I know I’m in very good hands. I’ve been blogging for almost 4 years, and I still don’t entirely understand linkies, no matter how many times people tell me about them, so I am hoping this is right ladies!! I really love the idea that The Ordinary Moments focuses on the little things, the ordinary snippets of our week that make our lives special, and it’s so lovely to be able to look back on these little moments which we could so easily forget.


Winter Walks

the ordinary moments linky a winter walk with family

I’ve always been a Summer kinda gal, mainly because I hate being cold. But there’s just something about Winter that I am really growing to love. There’s nothing quite as spectacular as a Winter sunrise. Brilliant orange and blood red beams pouring out, warming up the crisp morning sky. I love the way the grass glistens as if littered with tiny diamonds, paths twinkling under afternoon street light. But particularly, I love going out for a brisk family winter walk. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like I would spend a whole day outside during these current freezing temperatures, but to get wrapped up warm and make yourself to get out with the family to a blow away the cobwebs is really refreshing, especially after a long working week.

the ordinary moments linky a winter walk with family

On Saturday, we ventured out with family down to the Meon Valley. It was beautiful sunshine the whole journey down, but typically once we arrived it clouded over. But determined, we forced ourselves outside to enjoy a walk along a disused railway. The mud was frozen stiff, thankfully, because the boys would have no doubt fallen into it otherwise!

the ordinary moments linky a winter walk with family

Henry’s little cousin is 6, and he is utterly smitten with her. She’s the sweetest little girl and so caring towards both the boys, always coming over to help George out if he needs a hand and always so kind. When we are due to see her I can’t let Henry know until the day because otherwise he will be unbearable asking over and over when he is going to see her. It’s just so nice to see and capture their bond grow.

the ordinary moments linky a winter walk with family the ordinary moments linky a winter walk with family

George managed to walk most of the way, excitedly chasing after the others and joining in with their games. He loves being outdoors and exploring nature, although does have a tendency to want to discover things in a different direction, which is no surprise given his fiercely independent nature.

The Ordinary Moments winter walks with family in Hampshire

Our walk ended alongside the River Meon with a small bridge to play Pooh Sticks and little waterfall to entertain George at while the biggies eagerly awaited the appearance of their sticks under the bridge. I love showing the boys how much adventure and fun there is to be had without having to spend lots of money on big days out.

the ordinary moments linky a winter walk with family

the ordinary moments linky a winter walk with family

It’s always so satisfying when you’ve made the effort to get out when it’s this cold. Temptation to stay in is always hard to overcome, but the children loved running free, exploring the woods, finding different animal footprints, and the odd golf ball! We headed back for a hot coffee and cookies before the drive home, sponsored by YouTube so they didn’t fall asleep an hour before bed!

I’m looking forward to sharing more of our #OrdinaryMoments over the coming months, thanks for reading. If you want to watch our day check out the vlog.



If you’re feeling totally over indulged and like you want to get healthy this year but not quite sure where to start I thought I would share some of my top tips for a beginner’s guide of how to get started with healthy eating.

It’s easy to get bombarded with advice and not really know what is right to listen to, but here are some really easy tips to help you on your way to a healthier life.

Trying to lose weight after the indulgence of Christmas but no idea where to start - check out my beginner's guide to healthy eating to learn the basics of healthy eating and tips for how to get healthy this year

The Beginner’s Guide to Healthy Eating:

  • My first tip is that eating healthy is not a diet, in my opinion these don’t work! The main thing to change to get healthy and fit is your lifestyle and thoughts towards it! It sounds so cliche but it’s just finding a different outlook on the food you choose. You can still be full and eat well, you need to fuel your body – it’s the most complex machine in your life and you need to treat it with the respect it deserves. Choose the options which will nourish your body, give you more energy and make you feel less bloated.

Beginner's Guide to Healthy Eating | Adventures Of A Mum

  • Secondly, fat is good for you – shocker!! Fats in the right form are good for your body and will help maintain healthy skin, hair and nails. You will feel fuller for longer and have more energy if you include fat in your diet. Sugar is what you need to be cutting out from your food. Sugar is everywhere which makes it hard to get rid of it from your diet. A jar of pasta sauce can have 4 teaspoons of sugar in it, and a bottle of coke almost 20 teaspoons! If you are cutting sugar out entirely be prepared for withdrawal symptoms – it is an addiction after all. Headaches, bad moods, bad breath! But these should go after a few days so don’t give up!

Beginner's Guide to Healthy Eating | Adventures Of A Mum

  • Ditch the Cereal!! It’s full of sugar, and will leave you reaching for the biscuits come 10am! Try to stick to high protein foods for breakfast like fish, eggs, seeds. Swapping a bowl of sugary breakfast cereal for plain cereal could cut out 70g of sugar (up to 22 sugar cubes) from your diet throughout the week! I am thinking of doing a video on quick and easy breakfasts for on the go if you would like, let me know in the comments below!

  • Hydrate! As soon as you get up drink some warm water, with ginger and lemon if you need to flavour it, but make sure you are giving your body water to rehydrate after 10 or so hours without a drink. I aim to drink around 2 liters a day but sadly my bladder isn’t quite what it was before children so I have to really slow down the intake by around 8pm otherwise I am up all. night. long. Swap fizzy drinks for water, or even sparkling water and your body will thank you for it.

  • Finally, be mindful when you eat – this helps you listen to your body when it’s telling you that it’s full. Enjoy every mouthful. Sit at the table to help aid digestion and make sure the tv and phone is off and don’t rush your food. It is a great way of winding down after the day. Talking to your children, your partner, and catching up on what everyone has been doing throughout the day.

The Beginners Guide to Healthy Eating - Adventures of a Mum.


I hope you found this guide interesting and informative if you are a total beginner at healthy eating, and I hope I can inspire you throughout this month if you’re looking for new ideas to add to your current healthy eating meals.

Please check out my video if you would like more info and ideas and subscribe to my channel if you would like to see more videos like this!

What tips could you share for healthy eating? I’d love to know more x


I love living so close to London, it’s just a quick 45 minute train to get to the city and each time I go I try to find new places to explore. Many of my school friends have settled in London so it’s always nice to pop up and visit. but having to make a quick dash for that last train is always a stressful experience. Sometimes it’s so much more convenient to stay up there, so when I was invited by Novotel to check out their stylish and contemporary hotel in the Royal borough of Greenwich I was really pleased.

Novotel #1000 stories blog

Sadly I didn’t get to the hotel until pretty late, so I didn’t utilise all of the facilities such as the stylish bar, pool or international cuisine restaurant. I did, however, very much enjoy a full night’s sleep in the super comfortable bed dressed in eco-designed “LIVE N DREAM” comfort bedding and pillows – a real treat which anyone with young children will agree!

Nespresso with Novotel #1000 stories

#1000 stories with Novotel

#1000 stories with Novotel

Any hotel which offers Nespresso on tap is a winner for me. I love being able to have a strong coffee in the comfort of my pyjamas before heading down to breakfast.

nespresso with Novotel #1000 stories

I was racing out the door first thing the next day on my way to Blogfest so I just had enough time to grab a quick bite to eat from the breakfast buffet which included a nice selection of continental and cooked options. I probably should have loaded up more but I was, of course, being characteristically late!

Breakfast was served with view. The cosy cobbled streets and iconic red telephone box set the scene for a traditional London landscape. Morning was rising with a cool dampness to the air and I was excited for the day ahead meeting lots of fellow bloggers. It was such a shame I couldn’t explore the area as from what I had seen it had so much to offer. I’d love to go back again with the boy’s when I had more time to take a look around the area; especially as they offer great facilities for families. The hotel was so close to the train station it was really convenient to navigate to despite feeling quite far out initially.

#1000 stories with Novotel

Greenwich has a unique village feel to it, home to a World Herritige site, a Prime Meridian and where hemispheres meet. It’s so easy to get to out of central London, and the over ground train takes you through the winding tracks above Canary Wharf’s waterways which is never something I’ve seen from such a perspective.

I loved that all the toiletries were Fairtrade. Novotel is committed to PLANET 21, the sustainable development programme of the AccorHotels and there are many eco friendly materials used throughout the hotel.

Novotel #1000 stories blog 

Thanks to Novotel, Greenwich for inviting me to stay. You can take a further look at my stay at over on my YouTube 

If you stay with Novotel make sure you tag #1000stories on social media to share your story.



I have no idea how to start this post, and I’m not entirely sure there’s a real purpose to it either! I just know that I needed to write some words. Needed to put some feelings down. This period between Christmas and New Year; Crimbo limbo…Betwixmas if you will. The week between Christmas and NYE when most of us, those who are lucky enough to have days and days off between the 2 bank holidays, spend it eating our body weight in left over Heroes, even the Chomps. No one knows quite what day it is or what we are meant to be doing. The high of Christmas has been replaced by an itch to get the house back to some kind of order and start a health kick.

crimbo limbo what to do during these days between christmas and new year betwixmas

I feel so content at the moment. The boys have, for now, been brilliant the past week. They love having their Dad around every day and I’ve been really enjoying watching their bond develop even more. Henry has suddenly changed so much, his speech has developed loads and I am really noticing how much he is maturing. George’s face has even changed, his cheeky grin remaining but he looks so different, suddenly handsome. We’ve had such a lovely time all being together, some days being surrounded by friends and family and other days where it’s just us. I feel full of love at the moment. And cheese.

crimbo limbo what to do during these days between christmas and new year betwixmas

I’m relishing this time because it would be foolish to think the boys will be well behaved or as delightful as they are being for long. If you’re a parent you know these golden days where you feel like you have it all worked out and everyone is being good don’t last long. Soon we will be back to epic meltdowns over sandwiches cut into squares and not triangles and whispering for fuck’s sake 17,000 times under my breath each day. I’m going to miss having Stuart around and having an excuse to still be in our PJ’s at midday. But I guess we need times off like this to have something to work towards, to make all the hard work during the year worth it.

crimbo limbo what to do during these days between christmas and new year betwixmas

It’s time to start planning 2017. I have so many ideas for my YouTube channel it’s hard to not be overwhelmed by it all. I am terrible at being patient, I just want to do things now. But I’ve made sure I had a full week off of work, all things social media, to enjoy this family time and not spend it staring into my phone. It’s been amazing and I’m ready to start the New Year focused and refreshed.

I really hope you’ve all had a nice Christmas and I’m looking forward to sharing our adventures in 2017. Happy New Year.