Pampers want to help make life #BetterForBaby!

Today, Pampers released a short film which showcases just how babies bring out the best in us all, highlighting that there’s nothing we wouldn’t do to make life #BetterForBaby – if you haven’t seen it, you can watch it here:


Whether for your own beautiful brood, grandchildren, nieces and nephews or friends’ children, we all make changes to ensure that their lives are as happy as possible. What better time to celebrate the love that babies bring than Christmas? This festive season, Pampers want to help spread the cheer by pledging to help make life Better For Baby in local communities. Celebrating all that people do to ensure that babies can live their lives to the fullest, Pampers are offering five £1,000 bursaries, to help people like you and I make life Better For Baby in our neighbourhoods!


When my 2nd son, George, was born he was tongue tied. It certainly wasn’t a major health issue and thankfully other than that he arrived as a perfectly healthy little boy. However it did have quite an impact on his ability to feed. It went undiagnosed the first couple of days but having fed my eldest son I knew that it shouldn’t have been so painful, so I went back to get him re-assessed and it was then that they said he was indeed tongue-tied.

The next few days were incredibly difficult trying to latch a baby who really couldn’t suck properly, added to the usual agonising pain of my milk coming in and of course all the extra hormonal issues we all experience as new mummies. I was so close to giving up, something I desperately didn’t want to do. We went along to the health visitor for his hearing test and explained the issues, with the tears welling in my eyes I was told it would be a further 2 weeks until George could be seen to have the 2 minute operation to snip his tongue tie – I was gutted, it seemed crazy that there was only 1 lady in our area who could perform the procedure, I really didn’t think I could keep on feeding with this pain, discomfort and subsequent mastitis – Yowch! Thankfully we got there, and fast forward almost 8 months we are still going. But I really would hate for someone who would really love to breastfeed their child to not be able to because they need such a simple procedure which literally took 2 minutes to correct! I would love to win a £1,000 bursary from Pampers from their #betterforbaby campaign to support Basingstoke’s maternity unit breastfeeding support staff and help give more parents the time they need from the experts there.

How you can make life #BetterForBaby?

Is there something you’d really love to see built in your community? Maybe you want to improve some much-needed changing facilities, supply nappies and blankets to a local shelter, or update playtime equipment for a community nursery… anything goes!  If so, Pampers want to know exactly what you’d do to make life Better For Baby – tell Pampers your pledge using #BetterForBaby to be in with a chance of winning one of five £1,000 bursaries! Visit or search #BetterForBaby @Pampers_UK for more information!

Paolo Haeusermann, Brand Manager for Pampers Northern Europe, says: ‘Pampers support every baby’s happy, healthy development, so we’re excited to launch #BetterForBaby to celebrate all the joy that babies bring to our lives. The opportunity for UK consumers to win one of five £1,000 Pampers bursaries means that we can enable real change in local areas and communities. We are looking forward to seeing what pledges are made!’

To watch the Pampers Better For Baby video, please click here or search #BetterForBaby on Twitter to make your pledge.



DISCLAIMER:  This #BetterForBaby post was sponsored by Pampers UK


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