Special Celebrations

You may have caught my last post about how we had some special celebrations coming up. Our boys have just turned 1 and 3 and we were lucky enough to get them Christened on their actual joint Birthday too, making it an really special day for us.


We were delighted to have our boys christened in the church where we got married, almost 5 years ago; St. Mary’s in Old Basing. Rev. Sarah gave such a lovely service and it was great to see lots of the little ones involved up at the font while the boys were being baptised.




The boys’ lovely Godparents who each made a very special promise to the boys on the day.special_celebrations

I figured this would be the only opportunity I would have to plan anything remotely “cute” having 2 boisterous boys, so it was a full on rainbow themed party. Lots of bright colours and fun for the children.


Mum and I spent a couple of days putting together all the party bags. The age ranges of the boy’s little friends went from 3 weeks old up to 6 years old, so I tried to make the party bags as suitable as possible. I found some really good party bag products from an online website called Party Bags and Supplies which had an absolutely huge selection of really affordable fillers for all ages. They also did these cute tassel garlands and bright bunting as well as loads of other fun stuff for children of all ages. I then went around lots of other shops to find bits to include. I also want to make something for the children to grow over the summer so I made up some Sunflower seed kits for them to plant.


Party bags

We tried to keep our numbers low despite wanting to invite all our friends. We rented the adjoining church hall to save people traveling to and from, and it was actually a nice size for us all. Although the soft play I ordered didn’t fit the room, and the mini bouncy castle was too loud! My parents and our friend Lucy helped set up in the morning, which was some what of a race against time as we couldn’t get in the room until the morning service finished, but we managed to get it done and the rainbow theme came together nicely. I kept it simple with the food as it was after lunch so I ordered in sandwiches, crisps etc and Stuart’s brother helped organise some sausage rolls.



I ordered in all the balloons from Balloons 4 U in Basingstoke and founder Suzie was kind enough to deliver them to us on a Sunday morning, on a rare day off for the super busy business owner and mummy of 2, thanks Suze! Lucy patiently tied the coordinating coloured ones on to the party bags, one of those jobs you get half way through and wish you hadn’t started! I love how this looked, thanks Lucy!


My absolutely brilliant and lovely friend Emily created a total masterpiece for the boys, we were in awe and so grateful to her for their amazing cakes for our special celebrations. 80 cupcakes perfectly designed and delicious. Half of which were banana cake with salted caramel icing and half vanilla with raspberry ripple icing (I ate 4!!)


Then 2 large cakes for each of them, with perfect rainbow sponge hiding inside incased in coconut icing. All presented beautifully on this cool grass carpet. Perfection! Emily’s cake business, She Loves The Cake, is coming soon if you would also like something created for a special occasion.


My lovely nieces tucking into some cakes.


It was so nice to have everyone there to share this special occasion, everyone was so generous with their gifts and cards, the boys will be opening gifts all week! We feel very lucky to have you all! The whole day felt really surreal, and went so quickly I can’t believe it’s all over and we now have a 1 and a 3 year old! Think I will go and have more cake to reminisce some more!

Short vlog of the day is over on my YouTube channel!



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