St Tropez Gradual Tan In Shower Lotion Review

Wow I haven’t seen so much hype over a beauty product for a while! I have never actually used a fake tan before but even I was intrigued about the new St Tropez Gradual Tan which has been designed to be used in the shower – and in just 3 minutes may I add. The latest in St Tropez tanning boasts an easy application, streak free finish and no nasty smell afterwards! I’m all for it if it stops me from looking quite as much like Casper as I currently do!


The new technology in this product means that it develops after being applied to wet skin – whilst in the shower, so you don’t have to leave it on over night or wonder around in your pants all day while it develops – perfect for mum’s in a hurry, or any normal human in fact!!

The colour builds very gradually, so don’t expect to be super bronzed over night, but it leaves you will a lovely warm glow about you – and no streaks! Which is my main worry about using a fake tan. I would definitely say if you’re used to a dark tan then this might not be the product for you – it’s designed to give a gradual glow not the look you’d have after week in Dubai.

Bad Tan!

Have a look at my video review on You Tube for more info, hope you guys like it xx

St_Tropez_In _Shower _Tan_Review.



  1. Charlotte
    July 1, 2015 / 9:23 pm

    I’m intrigued to try this, I’ve heard good things about it x

    • Lara
      September 15, 2015 / 8:26 pm

      It’s so so good! Doesn’t look fake at all and I can get away with only using it twice a week and look bronzed all week long! xx

    • Lara
      September 15, 2015 / 8:27 pm

      Definitely! It’s so easy to use and looks really natural! xx

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