Strawberry Picking in Hampshire.


It’s the perfect time of year in the UK to take the family out Strawberry picking. The vibrant red fruits are at their juiciest and the boys love to be out in the open and running around freely in the fresh air.

We try to go every year, and now George is walking he loved it just as much as Henners. Toddling along enjoying the freedom and safety of the fields, giggling as we chased him around the lush green beds laden with succulent treats under every leaf.

Where to go Strawberry Picking in Hampshire;

There had been a short break in the weeks of rain we’ve been suffering in the South so we decided to get out and head to our favourite spot in Hartley Wintney, Hampshire to go to strawberry picking with our close friends, and George’s Godparents, with their little boy too.
West Green Fruits is just 15 mins outside of Basingstoke. It’s a family run business with a huge 20 acres of farmland boasting an extensive range of fruits to be picked including Strawberries, Raspberries, Rhubarb, Gooseberries, Black & Redcurrants, Blackberries as well as New Potatoes and some Summer vegetables. The staff are all really friendly and Henry loved having a little sit on the tractor at the entrance when we arrived.
George confidently stomped his way around (in that tummy out, shoulders back “geezer” manner that all new walkers adopt!) for a good part of our visit, until he began to tire and began squishing all the rogue, discarded fruits each time he flopped down onto his bum. So we popped him in the carrier where he was happy to hitch a ride.
Just checking this one passed the strict quality control measures Stuart had set in!
Henry guided his little brother through the fields hand in hand, showing him where all the best ones could be found (albeit then swiftly eating them himself!) It was just lovely to watch and it’s so nice seeing their bond grow each day.
We came away with 3 full punnets of fresh fruit and 2 very full little tummies; smiling faces stained pink, happy with their day’s work.
It’s so important to teach the boys where their food come from, and going to a PYO doesn’t just teach them that, it also helps support local farmers and businesses.
The Strawberries will be around for another few weeks and then the raspberries will be ready in all their glory. Why not take your family for a visit to your local farm?
Sunshine, fresh fruit, and a free family day out; can’t get much better than that.

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