Superlove Merino Base Layer Sets – Review



Ok, so this beautiful delivery could not have come at a better time…The temperature has dropped suddenly and overnight it feels like winter has arrived – including having to scrape the night’s ice from the car windscreen. Meh. We have an exciting couple of days out as a family this week to celebrate my Birthday and I was beginning to worry that the boys are going to be freezing, miserable and uncomfortable. (Not the ideal components for a fun day out, as you may know.)

Enter Superlove Merino Base Layer Sets


The science behind the “superwool” Merino is explained far better than I could do so here. But put simply it is the most sought after wool in the world, renowned for its quality, purity and luxe softness. It helps regulate children’s temperatures; keeping them warm in the cold and cool in the heat, it’s comfortable against even the most sensitive of skin and naturally repels water (extending the time being able to splash about in puddles and dare I say it, snowman building.) It is machine washable and can even be cool tumble dried **cue cheers from Mum’s who do not have the time to faff about** (me) It is antibacterial, UV resistant and even flame resistant – seriously, the list just goes on and on.


Ok so enough of the science bit, the facts really do speak for themselves. The base layer sets have a lovely design, they’re not bulky and they come in some lovely bold colours (they stay bold too, despite all the washing they will go through)


Soft, breathable, slim fitting and super-stretchy, they can be worn alone or as a thermal base-layer under clothing when it’s extra cold and they make perfect nightwear too. Completely versatile day and night, whatever the weather. I love the detail to the design too, such as thumb holes to use as built-in mittens, foldable waistbands for growing tummies & no itchy neck labels.



Designed and made ethically in Great Britain. You can read more about the story behind the Superlove brand here. I’m off to lust after the rest of the range online…


We have the 0-6m Superfine Merino Baby Base Layer Set at £45 & 2-3yr Superfine Merino Kids Base Layer Set at £55. The are a real investment purchase as they will last incredibly well, can be used every night as pyjamas as well as during the day in hot or cold weather and make the perfect gift for Christmas. 



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