Baby’s First Shoes!

Well, I simply could not let this occasion pass without writing a blog on it! “Baby’s first shoes” is a really exciting milestone! With our impending trip, and Henry’s constant development in the movement stakes I knew we needed to get our little chap his first pair of shoes before we left. For me, the only place I was ever going to go for this milestone was Clark’s; An institution!

There was a good selection for this stage of baby shoes – cruisers; Supportive and grippy but soft under foot to allow for their developing bones. Although as with everything in my opinion, a better selection for little girls. Sam helped us look through loads of different styles without a problem – I couldn’t just pick the first ones we saw after all!! And Henry happily played with other children in there while we were fussing and testing out each style.


Hmm, which ones can I eat?

Henry measures 3G, but after trying on a few pairs they seemed to come up too big over the arch, and apparently this would cause discomfort so we weren’t able to go for our first choices.

What is that at the end of my leg?!

However after a couple more – one of which didn’t even go on his foot without a lot of fuss, we went for the Tiny Wing, navy leather in a 3F at £26. The soft leather looks really comfy and for me the main feature was that they were easy to put on with a pull on loop and double velcro strap.

Please excuse the terrible image – There’s only so long this 10 month will sit still!

So there we have it; Henry’s new kicks! All finished off with a photo and card keepsake for the memory box.

I would love to hear of any “first shoes” recommendations you may have or what you went with.


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