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Well guys, I’ve reached the big 3-1. I’ve also reached 17 weeks pregnant. The 2 put together certainly don’t scream massive party, but I’ve certainly had a good time celebrating and have been really spoilt with lots of lovely pressies from friends and family.

Stuart and I began the week with a night out in Bournemouth on Tuesday watching Kasabian who were really good, and I didn’t even fall asleep, go me!

Pre gig dinner at 60 Million Postcards

Kasabian, BIC

I then had an appointment on Wednesday at the Midwife for our 16w check, and got to hear little baby J’s heartbeat. Which actually was a nice relief as I had, and still have, been worrying about not feeling any movements since 14 weeks. I know 14w is really early to feel movement and it’s probably quite normal not to feel them yet at this stage, but it just adds to my worries. So anyway, after a couple of minutes of the MW looking, I heard the memorable thundering of the heartbeat which was lovely 🙂

Thursday came, the big day! My absolute hero and number 1 dream dinner party guest Sir David Attenborough came to little old Amazingstoke for a book signing at Waterstones, so I booked the morning off and trotted (waddled) off into town at 9.30am for the 12.30pm signing hoping to get to the front of the queue…Wrong. There were already 300 people in front of me!! Anyway, I set up camp – Henry’s garden chair in the shape of a dog and my Costa hot choc, and began the 5 hours of queuing!!

Terrible photo of me but this is the 1,000 deep queue of fans!

By 2.30 I finally got to meet the legend himself. Unfortunately by that time he had seen hundreds of people and had hundreds more to go and then another signing in Oxford that afternoon, so he wasn’t particularly chatty. But he was as wonderful as I had imagined, softly spoken (the kind of voice you’d like to have narrate your life story) well presented and like the Grandad I want as my own. Shame about the burly security guards who stood beside him moving people on within seconds of them getting to the table, but I guess needs must.

What a legend!

The family came over in the evening and I gorged on Thai take away and birthday cake, perfect!

Stuart booked us in for a spa weekend in Surrey and I was treated to a Mum To Be package including a heavenly all over body massage, and I enjoyed not having to do a single thing all day bar relax! Heaven for any parent!! Followed by a lovely meal and lie in the next morning! Bliss.

Then home time to see our beautiful boy. He had his buddy Harry’s Prince and Princess 1st Birthday party to go to and had an absolute whale of a time playing on the soft play area Lucie had hired in, and generally running riot with the other big littles.

My Birthday week was rounded off perfectly with a day at home with my boys dancing around to Christmas songs with a roast dinner cooking and putting up the Christmas tree to begin the festive month of December. I love this time of year and this year with Henry that little bit older and really getting into the magic and sparkle of it all it really is going to be better than ever. Even if it is sans alcohol!! You can’t have everything, right?


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