Black Friday Deals & Hacks! How To Save Money On Cyber Monday

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll know that the Frenetic Black Friday deals and Cyber Monday Madness have become more and more popular over here in the UK for the past few years. Scenes have been shown on national TV of hundreds of people pushing past one another to grab iPads off of shelves, and strip hangers of clothing items as we as a nation become gripped by this hasty holiday tradition. 

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As much as these Friday deals may seem incredible, heightened by everyone’s excitement to grab the best deals they can find, all is not always what it seems when it comes to discounts. It’s easy to get carried away, but these Black Friday hacks and tips for Cyber Monday will help make sure you really are getting the best Friday deals and saving money! 

Black Friday Deals & Hacks For Doing It Right!

Black Friday Deals shopping arcade

Plan, Prep & Budget

You cannot go into shopping for Friday deals without being prepared. Go with a list and make sure you go for the most expensive items first. TVs, Apple gear, under water cameras, kitchens etc. will all have the biggest discounts, so you don’t want to miss out on these. Make sure you set your budget and STICK TO IT! You don’t want to be buying things for the sake of it and spending money unnecessarily. Black Friday and Cyber Monday are for SAVING money, not spending more of it than you need!

Check Your Friday Deals! 

My husband has been tracking the prices of the item he wants to buy since the summer. This is to ensure the “deal” he wants to buy, is actually a deal and a good offer. Some prices are inflated for a few weeks before the holiday sales, so take a leaf out of his book and shop savvy!

Set Up For Cashback 

As you may have seen on my money saving videos on my YouTube channel or on a previous budgeting blog post here, I am a huge fan of cashback site Quidco. Since posting about them on my Instagram grid, I’ve had people get in touch to tell me they had earned from hundreds of pounds up to £4500!! All from just buying what they were going to buy anyway and getting cashback. This is an insane amount and I can understand how people think there’s some sort of catch, but really – there isn’t! From experience, I know forgetting to use a cashback site while online shopping is quite common, so Quidco has set up the handy Cashback Reminder Tool so you don’t miss out on any opportunities to earn money whilst shopping. They’ve also been nice enough to give me a spa day for two to give away to my audience to help promote sharing this new tool and getting lots of you to download the Chrome extension. It’s free and easy to enter using this link –

Don’t forget to share with your friends who like getting money for free!

family shopping in Target for black Friday deals

Put Things In Your Basket Prior

If you go online the day before and add the things you your basket that you will want to buy, one of two things will happen. Firstly, you’ll probably get an email from the store asking if you are still wanting the items in your basket, offering you a discount for the sale. Or, at the very least, you will be able to find the items straight away without having to search for them when you’re in a hurry, wasting precious shopping time! 

Dress For Comfort

If you’re going into the shops to search for your Friday deals, you are going to need to dress comfortably for it! It’s best not to bring a huge winter coat, (even though you’ll be freezing outside!) because once in the stores you’ll be a sweaty, boiling mess and not able to squeeze in between the tight spots to get the things you want! Additionally, you might want to think about wearing leggings or something tight so that you can try things on without having to queue for the changing rooms! 

Ditch The Non-Shopper

Black Friday isn’t the day to be going for a leisurely stroll around the shops with your husband – it’s going to be manic and you’ll have to bring your A-Game! If your partner isn’t a shopper they aren’t going to want to be dragged around the shops fighting for things on the shelves. 

Shop Strategically

If you are taking someone with you shopping, then think about how you can find your Friday deals strategically – one queue while the other shops and then switch. Make sure you plan your route around the shops too so you aren’t doing any back and forth.

There are loads more Black Friday hacks and tips over on today’s video, which you can see below – I’d love to hear your tips if you are into saving money and thinking of taking on Black Friday in 2019!

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