Breaking Point | Toddler Sleep Regression

It’s a bit of a whiny, moaning post today but I just feel like we are at breaking point with our toddler’s sleep regression and I guess I want to reach out to anyone who may be going through the same or who has any advice for us!!

breaking point toddler sleep regression

I wrote a while back about baby sleep tips, and back then we certainly did have it nailed. But now it’s our almost 4 year old we are struggling with. When he turned 3 he suddenly became a lot more aware of his surroundings, and with that more scared of the outside world. Totally normal, I know. We went 3 months having to sleep on his floor and finally he seemed to grow out of it. That was for a good few months, but then back around Christmas time he regressed again. Currently we’re having to sit with him each night until he falls asleep. And then once he wakes, around midnight or 2am he just walks straight into our room and into our bed.

breaking point toddler sleep regression

In theory this doesn’t sound too bad. But the reality is that he gets in and somehow, inexplicably, manages to sleep across both of our pillows kicking and headbutting us both all night. I fear waking him to move him because the thought of trying to get him back to sleep in the middle of the night seems to hard to bare and getting sucker punched in the eyeball seems the more appealing solution.

We have tried putting him back into his bed and this can happen 5 times a night, and it just gets to a point when it’s so much easier just to roll over and let him in. Last week felt like we were at breaking point when I spent the majority of the night sleeping, like a dog, at the foot of the bed, with no pillow and only my arms covered by the duvet. Not ideal.

breaking point toddler sleep regression

I filmed a little video over on my YouTube which goes into more detail. I’m not even sure what I am going to gain from even sharing this, but sometimes it just feels a little bit better when you can get it out there, and frankly have a bit of a moan! Have you been through this? Did you survive to tell the tale? I’d love to know what worked for you.

Thanks for listening to me moan!!

toddler sleep regression breaking point


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