Chatty Life Update – Going Vegan, Low Buy Year, Buying A House.

Hello my loves!! Boy, have I neglected my blog over the past couple of weeks – I have no excuse other than Christmas, illnesses and surgeries! It’s been, if I’m being frank, a rather cruddy start to the new year. We had the flu, the boys had viruses, infections, house losses, falls and Stuart has had a hernia operation which he’s currently suffering complications with so it’s been a bit of a rubbish start to the new year, the new decade!! BUT, I know this is just a blip in a normally happy little world of ours, so we’ve just got to ride the storm as it were. How has your 2020 begun?

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I wanted to jot down a few of my plans, goals and aspirations for 2020 as well as a life update because I shared a video over on my YouTube sharing them and I’d love to share them here to a) make me more accountable for seeing them through! and b) maybe give you inspiration if you’re also looking for ways to self-improve this year! I love watching other peoples to get inspo, so hope you like mine too.

– Going Plant Based –

Firstly, the biggest life update and change we’ve made so far this year is going plant based! It’s a HUGE thing for us as we are (were) maaaaajor meat eaters, Stuart especially. But, we’ve been doing so well and are currently in week 3 of eating no animal based products. I may refer to it as vegan if I talk about it in the future, just because it is easier, but I am aware that wearing leather shoes and bags etc means that we aren’t true vegans – I’ve spoken about it over on my channel with grocery hauls and plant based chats and for the most part people don’t seem to be offended if I do refer to it as being vegan. I have been talking to Stuart for a while now about looking into it, for a fitness/health point of view, but he wasn’t really interested, however we watched the documentary The Game Changers before Christmas and it really hit home how scientifically it helps the body recover and how many benefits there are to the body – I would be SO interested in watching a documentary from the opposite view point, so let me know if you have anything you can recommend as I’m fully aware it is a one-sided view point. I just haven’t seen anything to tell us that eating meat is good for us, so for now we’re going to continue and see how we find it helps us health wise, budget wise and in general. Have you been doing Veganuary or anything this month? We have been so impressed by all the food available in the supermarkets, it’s made it so much easier to stick to it knowing there are so many yummy options out there to eat!

– Buy A House! –

You may have seen over on my blog already a huge life update is that we’re trying to buy a house! After a year of doing a no buy year (LOADS of videos on my YouTube if you’re interested in doing your own no spend challenge) we’re now in a position to buy a house. We have had a bit of a emotional roller coaster with this of late as you may have seen from our house buying series on my channel, where we were given a mortgage in principle decision and then went on to put an offer on and reserve a house which was incredible, only to be told that actually we don’t qualify for the Government Help To Buy scheme because I don’t earn enough – the irony!! It was pretty heartbreaking, but I received so many comments on the videos and I honestly can’t even tell you how much they lifted me up and made me realise that the right house will come and everything will work out for the best! Once I can file my tax return in April for 2019 we should be ok to go ahead and get a solid mortgage offer and start the stressful process all over again! Have you bought a house before? IT’S SO STRESSFUL!

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– Travel More & Collaborate With Brands –

We were so lucky to work with some amazing brands last year and do lots more traveling as a family. I have always traveled since I was a teen and have shared a huge amount of travel advice, inspiration and experiences, so to be able to do it with brands who want to work with us is really a dream come true, so thank you for supporting my channel and blog by watching, commenting and being involved, it really means the world to me. Currently, we don’t have any travel plans which feels SO weird! Because we just need to save as much money as possible for the house move, but I am really keen to try and show you some budget friendly travel options, maybe around the UK or northern Europe for anyone looking for family travel ideas – let me know if that would be interesting! In the meantime, did you catch this post about things to do in Ottawa or the perfect road trip in Quebec and Ontario?

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– Low Buy Year –

After completing my no buy year in 2019, I have decided that I will be continuing it as a low buy year into 2020 – obviously we still need to save money for buying our house, but also because my money mindset and relationship with money has changed so much! I honestly don’t feel like buying ALL THE THINGS anymore! I wish I had done my no buy year sooner if I’m honest, it’s really been life changing on so many levels. If you’re considering it at all, I would say just start small, do a week or a month, and then it will snowball and become a lot easier, it really will. I’m thinking of starting a Facebook group as a support and community to share highs and lows and money saving advice and tips daily – let me know if you’d like to join!

I think that’s about it for my chatty life update and sharing my plans and goals for 2020 – I’d love to know yours!! Happy new year xx

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  1. January 24, 2020 / 8:32 am

    Sorry to hear you had a rough start to the year but if you look at this way, now that you’ve got it all out of the way, you can look forward to a wonderful year ahead. I loved reading about your no spend decision and I can totally relate. I started my no spend journey towards the end of last year and it’s great. You learn to appreciate what you have more too. I’ve even switched supermarkets (Asda to Aldi) and halved my shopping bill, which is fantastic. Good luck with buying a house, i’m sure the perfect one will come your way when the time is right. I’m a big believer in everything happens for a reason so if it doesn’t happen, I always think it wouldn’t have been good for me and that always keeps me going.

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