Crafting – Thank You Cards

There’s nothing quite like a thank you card floating down from the letter box in the post. I’ve always been one for sending cards to thank people, and I like to show Henry the importance of them. Something home made, with love and the more displaced glitter and sticky finger prints the better. If your first thought is how the hell am I going to have time to make them then fear not – save it for a rainy day activity (there’s been a lot of those here recently) and embrace the mess!



I trawled through good old Pinterest to get some ideas for this year’s toddler friendly thank you cards and decided some fingerprint paints were the way forward. Henry loved getting involved, and I’m about 40% sure he knew what we were doing them for and why…I’ll take that.


First up, some festive Robin’s. Now any parents of toddlers will be pretty aware of “toddler brown” – that questionable colour all craft materials such as Play Doh inevitably end up as within about 5 seconds flat. But could I make that colour intentionally?! No I could not. Eventually, using every paint we had, I managed to get the right shade for our Robin’s and Henry set about dipping his fingers in and very accurately positioning just perfectly on the card squelched his entire hand across the card.


Out came the glitter, up went the anxiety stakes! Shaking over the wet paint to get it to stick to our robin breast’s and add a certain je nes se quois to our displaced hand prints.

toddler crafts

We also did some bee’s, balloons & flowers (not quite as seasonal) annotated with some hilarious play on word greetings and finished each envelope with a fingerprint glittery heart – what’s not to love?!

home-made-thank-you-cards home-made-thank-you-cards



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