Encouraging Your Children to Learn to Cook

I’m a huge fan of cooking, in fact I actually trained as a chef many moons ago when I had no idea what to do for a career (does anyone really know at 16?!) I love winding down after a busy day and creating something delicious to feast on. Being able to cook is an important skill, which is why most parents get their children to help them in the kitchen from an early age. My two sons certainly enjoy baking with me, but not every child is so enthusiastic. Fortunately, there are some relatively easy ways to get past this issue and encourage them to get more involved which I thought I would share with you.

Encouraging Your Children to Learn to Cook

Keep things simple

The best approach is to start with something simple. Pancakes are ideal. You can make them in minutes. Kids love the taste of them too. A child who is easily distracted can usually be kept in the kitchen long enough to make them from scratch. Once they see how easy and rewarding cooking is they are usually hooked.

Let the kids try out your kitchen gadgets

Kids love gadgets like these cake mixers. They are fun to use and they makes things so quick and easy. Gadgets like these also make the whole cooking process super fast and easy. Plus, your kids will love licking the beater and bowl.

Most kitchen gadgets are safe for children to use. But, it is something you need give a bit of extra thought to when you have your children in the kitchen. Little things like making sure you do not plug electrical gadgets in too close to the sink and that none of the power cables are hanging off the edge of the counter will help to prevent accidents.

Encouraging Your Children to Learn to Cook - kitchen gadgets

Tap into the power of TV and YT

Most children like to watch TV or YouTube videos. There are quite a few great children’s cooking shows, I love sharing my cooking videos too. If you can, encourage your kids to watch a few of them. When you do, you will usually find that they want to try cooking for themselves. You can find some particularly child-friendly recipes here. They are all fun, quick to make and most children will find them very tasty.

Buy your child a cookery book

Children’s cookery books can make great gifts. Try buying your child one or two. You will be surprised at how keen they will be to try some of the recipes out.

Take your child shopping for ingredients

Another approach is to take your child shopping for the ingredients for their lunch or dinner. Often, once they are in the supermarket they will be inspired and come up with something they would like to try cooking and it all adds to the fun of the experience!

Pizza is a great starting point. You can let them select a base they like the look of. Then allow them to choose and buy the toppings they want to use. Once you are home, putting the pizza together with your child and cooking it does not take long.

Encouraging Your Children to Learn to Cook - make homemade pizza with kids

Ask your family for help

If your child is still not keen to try cooking, see if a friend or family member for a little help. Often, a child’s grandparent will be able to encourage them to do something that you can’t, my parents often bake with my little ones and they all really enjoy it. The majority of children love certain dishes or treats that their grandparents typically cook for them. So, teaching them how to make these items is usually a good starting point.

This post is written collaboratively, all views are my own. 

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