Falling Out Of Love With Instagram; It’s not me, it’s you!

Instagram. Oh Instagram. I have loved you dearly for so long now. All the memories I have shared with you, my babies being born, my children growing up, our holidays, special moments, many a breakfast and even more flatlays. Graffiti walls, pretty floors, prettier doors, glorious blooms, friends, loved ones, you’ve seen it all. (Including my over usage of the Valencia filter #Valenciaforlife)

Instagram falling out of love with instagram, pretty pictures little squares

I was delighted when Instagram launched. Back when the hardest part was whether to use Lo-Fi or X-Pro II. Back when what we shared was instant, and slotted immediately on someone’s timeline, as and when it was posted. As a blogger, these little squares support me as a business, they are the backup to any work that I produce as well as memories I want to share and keep. That follow count sadly means more than just popularity, it means work and brand awareness.

From inspiration of what to have for dinner, to lusting over what someone is wearing today. I visit you the most, I love that my passion for photography can so often be displayed in those little squares. Those squares which seem to define us. Our creativity, content, design, all judged in those little squares. To some you’re only as good as those top 6 squares, the fleeting chance for someone to choose to “follow”, or simply move on to the next profile. A cruel judgement perhaps, but in this life where each of us have a digital world where we share our lives, bloggers and such even more so, people simply don’t have the time to hang around if what they first see doesn’t grab them.

Instagram falling out of love with instagram, pretty pictures little squares

I’m falling out of love with Instagram, it’s not me – it’s you!

Sadly as time as gone on, and the millions of people adding to their social networks with this beautiful app filled with gorgeous photos and latterly videos, lives and “stories” in came the algorithm – the damn algorithm!! And since then, it just doesn’t seem to be working. Daily I log on and my feed is filled with photos from 5 days ago. Not so instant after all. My followers go down and down each day. Frustrating yes, but more so because when logging on that little notification tab is brimming with new followers. It leaves me as confused as it does sad. The algorithm is meant to mean that the posts you see are that of those people you engage with, which makes some kind of sense, but ironically for me it’s the opposite!!

Instagram falling out of love with instagram, pretty pictures little squares

I’m not even going to go into the follow-unfollow game that shamefully so many people do. But I know that I am not the only person feeling this way about the app, that the constant algorithm changes have affected the way we can view photos, the way that our photos are viewed and that no one knows what on on earth is going on and how to fix it! We end up judging ourselves over something that we have no control over, our little squares just being missed and disappearing. I’ve been stepping away recently, instead of posting once or twice a day I can go for days without doing so because it’s too depressing to be missed or to think my memories aren’t good enough. But I need to remember why I started I know, and not let the numbers get to me. I guess I know I could be spending that time on something else which could actually help with my “brand”.

It will be interesting to see how it plays out over the next few months as I know so many people are fed up with it. Sorry for this fairly ranty post, I’d love to hear your rants on the subject!!

And if you fancy checking out my life in squares, pop on by and say hello xx


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