Top family-friendly places to visit in Europe this Autumn

I’m sure you’ve picked up on this by now.. but I love to travel. I have always travelled, and I love showing my family the world too.  There are definitely times and places that make family travel that much more enjoyable. An autumn holiday is perfect for families with children, mainly because the temperatures are lower (meaning less hot, cranky kid meltdowns) and it makes all day exploring much easier. Europe has so many incredible destinations, so I thought I would list some of the top family-friendly places to visit, if you’re looking to book something this Autumn, or beyond.

Top family-friendly places to visit in Europe this Autumn

Sicily, Italy

There is nowhere in the world that is quite like Italy, it has so much to offer. Sicily, specifically, makes you feel like you are in a tropical destination while also having the Italian charm to it. Sicilians are especially friendly and family life is truly cherished. Families are welcomed across the island along with a great understanding of what it takes to adventure with kids in tow. You can relax and play at the many beaches, laugh along at traditional puppet shows, adventure out to the three volcanoes, meet other families at the local main squares, and enjoy fresh food that even the pickiest of eaters will find something amongst. The weather in Sicily is usually very warm so instead of a typical hotel, you may even opt for renting one of the many villas with pool available all around Sicily, which are perfect for both kids and parents to enjoy all year round. We often opt for villas over hotels becasue you get to have your own time in the evenings whilst sticking to the normal home routine which seems to help our boy’s with their routines and sleep.

Top family-friendly places to visit in Europe this Autumn

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam is a well-sized European city, but with more of a village feel with canals wandering through it. Bikes are the preferred mode of transportation around the city, and if your kids are wiped out, you can continue to explore via the numerous canals. Keep the NEMO Science Museum, the Anne Frank Museum and the Van Gogh Museum on your list of things to do, especially in case of rainy weather. To avoid long lines and bored kids, you can buy your tickets in advance.

Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona is the city that gave the world tapas, already making it a city to be loved in my book. But it also boasts some of the most beautiful architecture and is a gorgeous city by the sea. There is a market where you can pick up some local goods, wander along the streets and make your way uphill to Park Güell to see the ever-popular multi-coloured mosaic salamander. You can also visit the interactive science museum, CosmoCaixa, and treat your family to a trip to the Chocolate Museum.

Top family-friendly places to visit in Europe this Autumn

Dublin, Ireland

Traveling within the UK means no language barrier and shorter flights, but does not mean that your environment will be the same as it is back at home. Dublin is a vibrant city and the welcoming locals will be sure to set your adventure off on the right foot. You and the kids can visit Dublin Zoo in Phoenix Park, National Museum of Ireland – Natural History, feed ducks as you explore the city, and enjoy a picnic lunch at one of the many parks.

Top family-friendly places to visit in Europe this Autumn

Traveling with children can be a bit tricky, but it is well worth it for the memories that you will have for years to come. So pack light, give yourself and your kids time to sleep and recover from traveling, try to stick to your home routine as much as possible, and don’t feel pressured to have your trip go a certain type of way. If you plan some activities to do and find some family-friendly places to eat before you go, you can just enjoy while you are there and go with the flow of the energy of your family.


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    First of all thanks a lot for sharing this wonderful information. Actually, I’m planning to go on a ski holiday next year with my family and I must say this is really great as well as helpful info for me. Thanks for sharing.

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