Finding The Perfect Baby Name With Namey.*

When we first got pregnant one of the most common conversations we had was about how to find the perfect baby name for our child. I just loved to look at different names! I used to research so many names, we would talk for hours on end and talk about how certain names had bad connections, someone we’d fallen out with in school, or used to work with! A name has such an emotional connection to someone and it was really important for us to choose the right one for our children.

I always thought that a name that sounded beautiful as a baby would need to see them through life, a cute toddler, a stroppy teenager (or visa versa!), a working professional and perhaps even as a parent themselves. We had lists and lists of girls names, but boys names were so hard to find. My theory was that girls could get away with sweet, pretty names whereas I felt that boys would need a good strong name to see them through life.

By far the hardest choice was naming our sons. I always found the books were quite outdated, too obscure, too many popular names. They could never move with the times as quickly as we wanted to and the options weren’t there to be specific to what we were looking for.

finding the perfect baby name with Namey

This was almost 5 years ago of course, I’m pleased to say things have moved on over the past few years and now there are some great tools out there to help us parents find the perfect name!  I recently discovered Namey, a baby naming app which is a fun, interactive and modern way to help solve this very real problem of finding the perfect name when there are just too many options!

Namey has are over 25,000 names included.  Names from 11 different origins, including English, American, Arabic, Chinese, European, Indian, Japanese, Muslim, Persian and Urdu. You can search for boy or girls names based on your preferred name origin, first name letter, desired characteristics, name meaning and other family members’ names. In fact it’s so modern that Namey returns baby name suggestions based on this data (using amazing Artificial Intelligence and super clever algorithmic matching).

finding the perfect baby name with Namey

I love that you can even add siblings names which is so useful as you get name results that sound good with your existing child’s name – for us that was really important. With such a strong, classic name like Henry I didn’t want to go for something pretty “out there” for our youngest, we wanted them to compliment each other – Lord knows how many times a day I call them (usually prefixed with put your shoes on!!)

Some families find that other members of the family like to get involved, with Namey there is a brilliant feature where you can save your favourite names and create polls to send to friends and family and they can vote for the names they like the best. With Namey premium, you can also see who has voted for which name. This is really helpful if friends and family members are offering up their name suggestions to you but you’re not keen on the names they suggest as it helps get them involved with the process, without offending them if you reject their name.

finding the perfect baby name with Namey

You can download the premium version of the app (from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store – search for ‘Namey’) for 99p, far more affordable than a Baby Names book, and in my opinion a much more interactive and fun way of finding that perfect name for your new little baby!


This is a collaborative post for Namey, all experiences are my own.


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  1. March 6, 2018 / 9:40 am

    This is the first time i’ve heard of Namey, but it looks so promising already! Must download it soon and recommend it to my pregnant friends 🙂

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