Finding A Trustworthy Babysitter This New Years Eve.*

Stuart and I are so fortunate that both our parents live locally to us and despite having 17, yes, SEVENTEEN!! Grandchildren between them they are always happy and willing to help out with babysitting on the occasions we would like to go out together. But it’s not always that easy for people to find a babysitter who don’t have family nearby, and with the festive period in full swing and parties and events cropping up all over the place it’s hard for parents to be able to find a trustworthy babysitter, especially for New Years Eve – arguably the most requested time of the year for babysitters!

finding a trustworthy babysitter this New Years Eve with sitters

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Of course there’s the option of a trusted friend, but it’s likely they too will want to be heading out on New Years Eve. Perhaps you could ask a teenage neighbour; personally, I think gone are the days one would ask a neighbour to come in and babysit one’s children, regardless of how well you may know them. Something about it just doesn’t feel safe these days. And even if they are totally trustworthy, who’s to say they have the relevant experience or knowledge to care for a child if something went wrong or they fell ill.

finding a trustworthy babysitter this New Years Eve with sitters

As we’ve got older, the wild parties of our twenties have calmed down and festive get togethers are with friends who pretty much all have children. It’s increasingly difficult to get a date booked in where everyone can make it. The preparations usually begin months in advance to ensure that everyone can make it and the required military procedure that is organising childcare is sorted. We may have baby sitters in our parents, but that’s not to say we will ask them too frequently, especially over the winter when I personally feel guilty asking my parents to come out in the bitterly cold night to sit up until the early hours for us to come home.

finding a trustworthy babysitter this New Years Eve with sitters

I could be over thinking it, I’ve never left my children with anyone other than one of our parents and one of their Godparents, but I think it’s become increasingly difficult for parents to find a trustworthy babysitter. However with problems in life often come solutions. I’ve done a lot of research and have found a company called Sitters, who have actually been around for 50 years! They use only experienced childcare professionals – not just DBS checked, which is so important, and they continuously check for childcare references and appraisals. Having spoken to several people who have personally used and fully recommended them I feel confident and happy to share with you about this site. The process is easy and efficient and most of all, safe. Check out more info over on their website about booking childcare for New Years Eve and have a look around at the hundreds of glowing reviews.

finding a trustworthy babysitter this New Years Eve with sitters

*This post was written in collaboration with however, childcare is the most precious and important job there is and I would never promote anything I have not looked into thoroughly and would be happy to use myself.

Wishing you all a happy and healthy 2018!


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