First Time Buyers – Our New Home Wish List

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After 11 months (and counting!) of doing a no buy year, I feel like we are finally a step closer to actually being able to buy our first new home. It’s been a life-changing year; I know that sounds pretty dramatic but it really has changed my entire money mindset and mindfulness around spending money. We do still have quite far to go, but we have made a huge impact on our savings and it is making me SO EXCITED for the next stage of house buying!


OK, so I have to admit, I have looked on house buying websites every day for around 6 years. I can’t deny it. But now it actually feels like it’s for a purpose! Stuart and I have made a list of things that we would like to have – our wish list – and I wanted to document it over here, along with further posts about all the stages of house buying as well as over on my YouTube channel for any other first time buyers, who are also trying to navigate buying a new house! This list might sound a little indulgent now that I am putting it to paper, and I am not saying that we will be able to get all of these things, but they are on our “wish list” and it’s nice to have something to go to the estate agents with as a plan to find something that’s right for us.

First Time Buyers - Our New Home Wish List


An open plan entrance.

I’d love an area big enough to walk in, have some room to move around, store coats and shoes and have rooms off of it, such as a cloakroom, lounge, playroom etc. This gives a really generous amount of space when you first walk in, which I feel looks really homely and welcoming.

Wooden Beams

Stuart made me include this! For me I am not too fussed. I can see us in a new build, whereas he would love an old cottage style house. He loves old things, and would be very happy on a Granddad’s chair, next to a brick fireplace with wooden beams on the mottled ceiling. I think I would prefer cleaner lines but it’s good to try and meet in the middle with things. Kinda.

country cottage our new home

A utility room.

I feel like this is adult goals haha. Having a utility room to hide away the mountains of clean washing waiting to be put away and somewhere to store muddy boots and all the stuff that comes with 2 young boys is really important. It also provides loads of storage for, did I mention – all.the.stuff.

An en suite.

Again, serious adult goals here – when I grow up, I want an en suite. Mainly because it means I don’t have to bathe with kid’s toys floating around, or in fact with kids walking in on any relaxing baths with numerous random requests. Who am I trying to kid, they will find me! Alternatively, I would love some sort of shower/wet room if possible. There’s loads of benefits of a walk in shower enclosure and I think it would be beneficial to the value of the property if we were to re-sell later down the line, as well as being really handy if family members come to visit to have something easy to access.

walk in shower enclosure

A nice sized garden.

We are lucky that we already have a good-sized garden, but sadly it’s on a huge slope, which doesn’t work too well for the children playing outside. I have lived in fear of them knocking their teeth out each time they run after a football down towards the house, I hate that it’s not flat and safer so a nice flat garden with a nice seating area would be a bonus.

A social kitchen

I feel like fancy kitchens are really having their time at the moment, thanks to Instagram mainly, especially those with large islands. I would love to have one in our new home, but I do think that might be a little over our budget as it means that room will have to be very large. I’d also like to have a little sofa area at the end of the room so that people can gather around when I’m cooking, or in the morning to have breakfast all together etc. Especially with Christmas entertaining and social occasions, I think it’s really special to have that extra space as the children get older and time spent with them is even more precious.

First Time Buyers - kitchen with island Our New Home Wish List

A Driveway

I would hate to have to park on the roads outside mainly because I can’t parallel park! It would be really lovely to be able to have a 2-car driveway so that it’s safer for the children to get in and out without having to go on the road, plus getting the shopping in from the car is easier too.

So, that’s the first post of our buying a new home series. If you would like any more info on my No Buy Year and finding out how much we’ve saved and how we’ve done it, there are loads of videos and money saving advice tips over on my YouTube channel. I’m looking forward to sharing the rest of this process with you!

First Time Buyers - Our New Home Wish List


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