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Henry is now at an age where he really seems to understand the whole Father Christmas thing, and I for one am SO EXCITED about this!! Stuart and I are those annoying people who watch Christmas films in November and have the decs up 9am on the 1st Dec – well, it is the most magical time of the year after all!! And now we have children it’s all the more special.

When I heard that there was a FREE Santa service where the actual big man will reply to children’s letters I knew I wanted to get Henry involved. We sat down together and he told us what he would like from Santa and Stuart put crayon to paper to write it all out. (A Peppa camper van like his best friend Olivia for anyone who’s interested!!) And off it went to the North Pole!! (Reindeer land)

So..I wanted to share with you the details for anyone else who is looking to send their letters off to Santa – you’ll need to let him know ASAP so he has time to get everything made by the Elves and organise his route.

So, what do you need to include in the letter?


In addition to anything your little one wants to tell Santa, ensure they include their name, gender (for example, “I’ve been a good boy/girl this year”) and a reply address.

A list of what they’d like for Christmas would be good too, but remember this doesn’t have to be just presents!



You must send your letters by Sunday 6 December 2015 and the all important address is;

Santa/Father Christmas,
Santa’s Grotto,

It’s really important you write the address carefully on a stamped envelope, and that you include your full name and address so that he can write back to you. I hope you all enjoy this family tradition to get your children excited and you all get a response back in time.

I’d love know what your little ones ask for!

“Royal Mail have said this year Santa will reply to “as many letters as he possibly can”, but said if he finds himself snowed under he may have to write some replies after Christmas, when he’ll thank children for their letters and wish them a Happy New Year. So while this is a nice freebie, it’s not guaranteed. Get the letter in early if you can.”




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