How To Dress Simple But Stylish (On A Budget!)

If you’ve been a long-time reader over here you’ll know that I have always had a thing for fashion and style, even though a large proportion of my time here on the internet I was likely covered in some kind of baby fluid. However, you may not know that I am passionate about making the two affordable and attainable. I don’t necessarily see myself as particularly stylish, but there are a few ways how I dress simply yet maintain a stylish look. I think that is the key to style, it doesn’t have to be fussy or over complicated. But a few key pieces in my wardrobe can be switched up and worked into several different outfit combinations, creating a capsule wardrobe of items that suit lots of different occasions and looks.

I wanted to share a few key items that you can include in your wardrobe that will lift your outfits to a stylish level whilst keeping things simple and also keeping to a budget!

lady stood in front of pretty flowers

How To Dress Simple But Stylish.

A t-shirt Dress.

Whether worn as a cover up on the beach, or with heels to dinner, this is such a versatile piece to have in your wardrobe and available in a multitude of prints, colours and designs. I have a few different shirt-dresses but recently I have been wearing this navy shirt dress constantly – mixing it up with sandals, trainers, and sock boots depending where I am going, it really feels like the dress that keeps on giving and is uber comfortable to wear too. Rolling up the sleeves adds to the effortless styling of this dress and keeping the accessories low key makes it super easy to wear.

lady wearing navy blue t shirt dress looking simple but stylish lady wearing navy blue t shirt dress looking simple but stylish

A Blazer.

I have long been a fan of a blazer. When I worked in an office I think I had upward of 15 blazers that I could rotate with simple dresses underneath. They instantly lift an outfit and give it elegance and can be worn with anything from dresses to jeans to these super chic high-shine PU Leggings which are sex on a stick! They are also a great way of incorporating a trend lead pop of colour onto a basic outfit, think lemon for the summer or burgundy in the autumn.

lady wearing a blazer to style over wet look trousershigh shine PU leggings worn by a lady

A bold pattern.

Nothing oozes style like confidence. Wearing a bold print, even when it is outside of your comfort zone is a great way to dress simple but stylish. This just so happens to be a t-shirt dress too (I told you they were versatile, right?!?) but it’s the print I wanted to share. It would work just as well as a shirt, front tucked into skinny jeans with a pair of heels as it does with this t-shirt dress. I love the chain print on this dress which is super on trend at the moment, and although not something I would have worn a year ago, I think with the right low key accessories and a pair of sock boots this dress makes the perfect “going out for drinks” outfit.

lady in a simple but stylish outfit wearing a chain print dress and a blazer lady turning her head dressed in a chain print t-shirt dress

A decent lounge wear set.

Now you may be thinking, well that’s not very stylish! But let me tell you, if you want to be spending a lot of time being comfy at home in lounge wear sets, make it a decent one! You can even experiment with adding heels to jogging bottoms, paired with a blazer or a tailored jacket. Lounge wear isn’t just for lounging in!

lady sat on stairs wearing a lounge wear set lady sat on stairs wearing a lounge wear set

There are heaps of styling videos over on my YouTube channel and how to look stylish on a budget, in fact I share far more style and fashion videos over there as I think it’s great to show outfits and talk through them in video format, so definitely check my channel out if you don’t already. This week I have an outfits of the week and an affordable occasion wear haul going live so be sure to have a look at those if you want even more style inspo!

Thank you to Femme Luxe for sponsoring this post by kindly sending me some outfits of my choice. All views are my own.


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