How To Fight Fatigue – Vitamins and Supplements For Tiredness

Ever wake up feeling like “wow, I have so much energy and I am so awake!”

No, me either! Since having children, 6+ years ago, I don’t really think I’ve ever felt like I’ve woken up not feeling tired, or that I have loads of energy come 4pm. I figured it was just having kids, mixed with late nights working and trying to fit everything into a day. But apparently, this isn’t how it’s meant to be for people – who knew!

I eat a reasonably healthy diet, I love fresh, nutritious food & vegetables and rarely have takeaways or fried food. But sometimes our bodies could do with an extra push to work to their full potential. We all know that vitamin supplements can be great for us, but what I didn’t know is how little of the vitamin can get absorbed into our bodies when taken in capsule form. With some as little as 10% are actually delivered into our system! Our bodies are an amazing, incredible thing, but the stomach particularly is a very harsh environment with the job of protecting the gut. But that also means it keeps some well-meaning supplements out too!

how to fight fatigue

After 10 years of lab research Nutrivitality solved the problem by creating the innovative NutriProtect liposomal technology which is designed to deliver maximum absorption of vitamins and nutrients into our bodies compared with the traditional pills and helps keep vitamins and nutrients safe on their way to our bloodstream! This of it like a miniature life jacket wrapped around each tiny nutrient, locking them away safely until the time is right to absorb them into the body. By using liquid form too, they are already nearer the required state to be able to enter the bloodstream. (also great for if you hate to take pills!) I’m not going to pretend to totally understand the scientific, NutriProtect liposomal technology but you can read up if you want to find out more!

Nutrivitality kindly allowed me to choose some supplements from their website to try, so I decided to go for the Quercetin + Vitamin C which is packed full of vit C. A powerful antioxidant and essential for hundreds of different processes in the body such as tissue growth and repair, help with fatigue, healthy gums and it also helps support healthy cells and energy production as well as it’s well known benefit of aiding the immune system. Quercetin, which I must admit I had never actually heard of before, has powerful antibacterial and antioxidant properties and together they have great antihistamine properties and help lower allergy reactions.

how to fight fatigue suppliments to help tiredness

The main reason I wanted to try the Vitamin C supplement was to help with tiredness and fatigue. I had been feeling so lethargic and tired for so many months, I had totally forgotten what it felt like to not feel tired! I have honestly been blown away with how much more energy I have and how much less tired I feel. It can only be the supplements because that’s the only thing I’ve changed up in my diet, and in fact I’ve actually been doing more exercise in preparation for my charity trek this month and I always seem to be so much more tired usually in the Autumn/Winter so they have definitely massively impacted my energy levels and overall wellness.

how to fight fatigue supplements to help tiredness

I also picked the Nutrivitality Vitamins A, C, D3, E, K2 which is a super potent multivitamin solution that benefits everything from skin, bones, immune system and psychological function. I chose this mainly because it helps towards skin problems such as acne, which is something I have always suffered with. It also helps ward off colds and infections as well as helping build strong bones and heal broken bones – including my damaged sesamoid bone that I’ve been suffering with since February! I am absolutely delighted to say that my skin has been SO well behaved over the past month, even monthly hormonal breakouts are under control and heal up straight away. This coming from someone who has suffered for decades with spots, it literally feels like a miracle!

how to fight fatigue supplements to help tiredness

These were the right supplements for me, and I am thrilled that I’ve had such amazing results with fatigue and acne, but on the website there are loads of other vitamins and supplements you can choose from, depending on what you feel like your body is lacking or needing. I have my eye on the Immune Support which sounds amazing for keeping colds at bay during the winter and keeping fatigue at a low level too.

Nutrivitality products are gluten free, Vegan, sugar free, dairy free, ethically sourced, the list could go on and on! I am so pleased I’ve had such a good result using them and that I can share this honest and successful review with you! I really hope it’s helped if you’re also suffering with fatigue, tiredness and low immune. Let me know if you try anything from the Nutrivitality range!

This post is written in collaboration with Nutrivitality, all thoughts are my own.

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