How to Go Green and Switch Over to Natural Skincare

You guys know how much I love my skincare. In fact it was one of the biggest things to be impacted on my no buy year because I used to buy so much of it. However, it was still important that I knew what was in my skincare and that it was good for my skin with the skincare that I was buying. ‘Natural skincare’ is a welcome beauty ‘trend’ that we can all get on board with, especially as more of us are shopping more consciously these days. You can go green with your beauty routine and take better of your own health by ditching harsh chemicals from your beauty routine and opting for cleaner products, without skimping on the efficiency of your skincare. It’s a great idea to try and use as many natural products as possible as your skin absorbs the majority of what you place on it. Our hormones, toxin load, microbiome and overall health are affected by what we put on our skin and natural skincare impact both us and our planet, so it makes sense to switch over to natural skincare.

natural skincare aesthetic photo with fruit  How you can go green and switch over to natural skincare:

Make the switch gradually (one product at a time) and start from the products that sit longer on your skin. 

Replacing your skincare products can add up quickly, so while you can go all in by replacing your products, it is helpful to make the switch to natural skincare gradually and use up everything you already have first. As you run out of your moisturizer, replace it with a natural one and so on. Start with the products that sit longer on your skin, such as serums, moisturizers, deodorant, and sunscreen rather than with cleansers. The longer the contact time with your skin, the more you really want to trust the ingredients that are in your products. This also gives you the ability to try ordering one product from a brand at a time, so you feel confident in the buying process and how the product actually performs.

natural skincare aesthetic photo with fruit

Get to know and pick the right brands

There are a lot of skincare brands out there, and finding the ones that are right for you is really important. Look for skincare brands that are known to be natural and high quality, like the ones from the Blue Lagoon European Shop, which are made with bioactive elements of Icelandic geothermal seawater (sounds fancy, right?!) This brand is very devoted to making natural products and being transparent about the ingredients that are used in the products and I love the Scandi feel to this brand.

Read the ingredients list and don’t focus too much on the front of products

The label of a product is essentially marketing. The word ‘natural’ doesn’t actually mean anything and beauty buzzwords are constantly plastered over products to catch the attention of consumers. The most important part of your skincare products is the ingredient list.

natural skincare aesthetic photo with apothecary

Learn what to look out for

Skincare products can have a number of ingredients in them which are not good for the environment, or us! We often forget to look at the ingredients of what we are putting on our skin, and only look at what we put in to our bodies. It is so important that you learn what to look out for as you search the ingredients list. This includes but is not limited to: DEA, preservatives, alcohol, fragrance, and more. We hear a lot about sulfates, parabens, and phthalates and those are certainly not ingredients we want to see in our products either so always check the label!

Going natural with your skincare gives your skin the chance to reach its natural and best state without having to constantly be trying to benefit from a product while also taking the hit from the toxic load. Have you ever thought about natural skincare?

This post is written collaboratively.


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