How To Insert A Mooncup

Warning: Period Chat!! I just want to start this post by saying that it’s not sponsored by Mooncup, but that I simply wanted to share this potentially life changing product with you. I hope that if you suffer with uncomfortable periods, pain using tampons or generally don’t like your usual method of period protection, then reading this might just change your life during “that time of the month”

I am working on a video to share how to insert a Mooncup, but for now I thought I would just show you some info around how to insert a menstrual cup over here on the blog, because I know how daunting it seems when making the change – is it going to leak? How will I empty it at work? What if it gets lost inside me?!

It’s a huge leap to take if you’re using tampons or sanitary towels because, although (for me since having children) they are uncomfortable, a pain and annoying, they are the norm and what I am used to and so it does seem a little scary to stop using them and switch, but believe me you wont regret it!!

Once my video is up on my YouTube channel I will link it here for you to watch, but pop over to subscribe to my channel now so that you can see it as soon as it goes live. For this post I thought I would stick to the basics and that is, How To Insert A Mooncup.

How To Insert A Mooncup

How To Insert A Mooncup | Menstrual Cup Review

Image from Mooncup website

Simply fold your mooncup in half, so that it makes a C shape, hold onto it with your finger and thumb to keep it folded. Then, using the other hand, part the labia (folds of skin around your vagina), find the entrance to your vagina and carefully insert the cup making sure that it is open and as low as it will comfortably sit. Mooncups are designed to sit a lot lower than tampons which makes them more comfortable. There will be a suction around the vaginal wall which will ensure that it doesn’t leak or escape!

There are so many techniques of how to insert a Mooncup, so experiment and find the right way for you. You can read more about on the Mooncup website, but for me this seems like the best way.

I got my Mooncup from Amazon for £20, this may seem expensive but they are meant to last for 10 years – imagine how many tampons you would buy in that amount of time!!

I hope this was helpful if you’re looking to try out a menstrual cup. I’d love to know how you get on!

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