How To Keep Positive During Self Isolation & Lockdown.

I thought I would share some ideas for how to survive the next few weeks/months mentally, how to keep positive during lockdown and the do’s and don’t’s of self isolation for anyone else going through it! It’s so important to allow ourselves to feel the waves of emotions that are flowing at the moment, the days are up and down for me, so I hope these do’s and don’t can help you if you’re struggling to get used to this new normal whilst in self isolation!

We’ve been doing self isolation for a week now and at first, I really struggled with it mentally as I was just so concerned for small businesses, families and children who depended on schools. I was overwhelmed with all of the information being shared online and I was finding it quite difficult to stay positive. A week on and I have really learned a lot already and I’ve found lots of tools to keep positive and help get my family through this. We have also been doing lots of home learning too which I have been sharing home education videos on my YouTube channel – I can share the videos at the bottom of this post for any other parents trying to learn how to be teachers overnight!

stay happy during self isolation

Dos and don’ts of lockdown during self isolation

Don’t read too much information!! It’s way too overwhelming, try sticking to the Government updates and don’t take too much else in.

Do stay inside & don’t mix with people outside of your own household.

Don’t worry about screen time – if it’s the only way of getting through this then do what you have to do.

Don’t stockpile – We went to 5 shops for 2 days running for Calpol whilst George was really ill and there was none left, take what you need and leave the rest of others in need.

Don’t try to do everything, you’ll burn out and be no use to anyone, take it slow and do what you can.

Do enjoy this time together

Don’t travel

Do make children feel safe, secure and there if you need them

Do take things slow

Don’t just try and prevent – learn about how to cope if you do get it

Do write a gratitude diary to remind you of the good in your day

lady smiling stay positive during self isolation

Do keep in touch with friends and family via tech or the phone

If working from home do take regular breaks!

Do those things you don’t normally have time for – books, baths, podcasts, decluttering!

Do sing, dance and be silly to keep spirits high!

Do listen to calming meditation at night

Do breathe

Finally, do stay positive, but don’t feel you have to be happy all of the time!

All my self isolation tips are available in this video, I would love to hear your tips for staying positive during self isolation and whilst on lockdown, please share them for others in the comments!


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