How to Wear and Style Long Dresses This Spring

Hooray, the dark and dreary winter months are almost over and we are entering wonderful springtime! I am excited for what this means for my wardrobe; a reshuffle and re-organise! I am also going to treat myself to a couple of long dresses this year as I didn’t buy anything last year. The Maxi dress is one of the most essential fashion trends across the world and it’s so wearable and a reliable go-to dress for many women. They’ve been on the market for many decades. The first maxi dress was designed in 1968 as part and parcel of a collection of Elizabeth Arden Salon. It has stayed in the trends throughout the years – and for a good reason: they’re chic, versatile and look great.

How to Wear and Style Long Dresses This Spring

Why are Maxi Dresses Popular?

Probably the main reason why many like this kind of dress is because of its versatility. This kind of dress can be glammed-up for the evening and worn during an event to party, as well as morphed into a more casual wear, perfect for the daytime. Whether you’re meeting up with friends or going to the beach, a maxi dress can be used on all of these occasions. The incredible, floor-grazing appeal of a long or maxi dress is irrefutable. Maxi dresses are wearable and have a comfy fit that looks fantastic on most body types.

The present-day maxi dress incorporates lightweight fabrics sewn into flowing, ultra-feminine dresses with hemlines that go up to the ankles. The dresses are now sleek, sophisticated, and polished. The good thing is that they come in different colours, patterns, and design. It is no coincidence that it has unquestionably caught the attention of both everyday women and fashionistas. There are many brands and designers that have gorgeous maxi dresses for every occasion, be it a perfect date night outfit or a spring BBQ: Twinset for example is famous for having some of the prettiest long dresses out there.

How to Wear and Style Long Dresses This Spring

5 Tips on How to Style long dresses:

  1. Wear it with Sneakers

Some people still think that pairing dresses and sneakers is a bit weird since it’s believed that sport shoes should only be worn with sportswear. However, fashion rules have changed significantly in the past few years and I for one (mainly for my painful feet) am very grateful for this new trend! – especially in terms of athleisure and the so-called “sporty-chic” attire.

  1. Wear it with a Denim Jacket

If you are preparing to go for a walk with your favourite maxi dress, do not forget to carry a denim jacket. This outfit enables you to look fresh, comfortable and put together. Not to mention that denim jackets have been all the craze these past few seasons. I’ve invested in one as they come back year after year!

  1. Wear a belt

Your waist will be accentuated if you wear a maxi dress with a belt. Maybe think about opting for a neutral belt or something that cinches in and hits exactly in the right spot.

  1. Go for Prints and Patterns

Beautiful and bright prints can liven up any outfit. The prints usually demonstrate a unique style and also creates the perfect mood. Besides, you may have several accessories in your house that may flawlessly match these dresses.

  1. Style it with the right Accessories

if you’re wearing a colourful maxi dress the best thing is to pair it with neutral accessories– this way you won’t go overboard with your colour scheme. However, you can add brightly coloured accessories to amplify the beauty of your long/maxi dress if the skirt is on the more neutral side. It’s all about balance.

How to Wear and Style Long Dresses This Spring

Long dresses are a great addition to a woman’s wardrobe. They are easy and comfortable to wear, and best of all, they fit all sizes and shapes. Also, we can dress them up according to our mood or personalities as well as any personalized style you wish to follow. Keep an eye out for my capsule wardrobe update as there will definitely be some long dresses featured!

This post is written collaboratively.


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