Finding The Strength To Climb the Himalayas!

During the lead up to my Himalayan charity trek one of my main concerns was making sure I didn’t get ill before we left, so I knew I had to look after myself and start taking some immune system supplements. I try hard to stay healthy in the winter and make sure I eat well, but colds always find a way of finding me – I’m sure any parent/teacher/grandparent would say the same – hanging out with young children might have something to do with it of course!

I knew the trek would push me to my absolute limit physically and having a cold for it really couldn’t be an option for me. I wanted to stock up on immune system supplements, so I went about finding the best ones for the job. After recently working with Nutrivitality on some of their other health supplements and really loving the results, I thought they might have something I could take with me to India. I couldn’t guarantee what the food would be like and if I could nourish my body enough with food alone, so I needed to make sure I was giving my body a helping hand by using immune system supplements. I also knew I would be extremely fatigued before we even started the trek as we had a grueling 3-day journey to get there, complete with 2 flights, 1 overnight sleeper train from Delhi and a lengthy coach journey. That was before any trekking even commenced!

Immune System Supplements To Stay Healthy This Winter.

I wont go into the science bit again, but you can read all about their amazing NutriProtect liposomal technology, natural ingredients and innovative patents which deliver maximum absorption of vitamins and nutrients than traditional tablets over on their website if you want to get into the geeky stuff.

2 products caught my eye; Boost – which includes B Vitamin Formula to Reduce Tiredness and Fatigue and the Immune Support – with Vitamin C & B6, Selenium & Zinc – “specially formulated to target your immune system and give you the support you need during general life or in times of stress.” – well, I think scaling the Himalayas would fit into this category!! They also come in handy little sachets too which are perfect for taking on the go.

During the trek I always made sure I had a sachet with me for when I needed a boost, those 5.30am starts and 12 hours of mountain climbing up near on vertical ascents really took their toll and I definitely needed an energy boost each day. I have always been quite skeptical of health supplements, but I can hand on heart say I have been so impressed with how effective the Nutrivitality immune system supplements have been and for so many areas of my life.

With the winter taking hold it’s more important than ever that my immunity is at it’s highest. And knowing how tired those cold, dark mornings (and evenings!) make me feel I am so pleased I have Boost as my secret weapon for making me less fatigued and reduce my tiredness. It’s been amazing at healing me since I’ve been back from the arduous trek too, helping me feel like I am back to normal mentally and physically after something so incredibly draining!

Thank you to Nutrivitality for gifting me a selection of their immune system supplements, all views are my own.


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  1. November 14, 2019 / 11:06 am

    Vitamins are important for the body to properly function. I didn’t know that you could bring one on a treck or ride, though. That’s amazing! Would you recommend taking these regularly?

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