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Some children love learning at home, they love education and they love doing extra learning outside of school. My boys do not fall into this category! My eldest son has just gone into year 2 and even though we have no concerns for when he’s at school, it’s definitely been a struggle in the past to get him to do any additional work at home to keep up to speed with reading and writing during out of school time. We’ve always tried to keep learning at home fun and lighthearted, mainly so that they don’t notice it’s learning! But now that Henry is in year 2 and the difficulty level has increased, we want to make sure he’s not falling behind in class if he doesn’t understand a particular problem or lesson that he didn’t quite pick up in time before they move on.

Learning At Home With Exemplar Education

Recently I discovered the “bricks of learning” process which children go through throughout the National Curriculum, whereby a child is taught a specific lesson or problem in school and then as a class they practice this until they move on together to the next lesson or task. My concern with this was if Henry didn’t quite understand the problem, or was absent through illness etc, then he would miss this “brick” and move on whether he was ready or not. Knowing my boys with their short attention span (anyone else?!) this did worry me that they could miss out chunks of learning and not have an opportunity to go back over these areas.

During the same time that my niece was going through private tutoring to get her through her maths GCSE I was approached by Exemplar Education to have a chat with them about how their at home learning programme worked and asked if I wanted to have a go at it with the boys. I’d never heard anything like this kind of system, but I was really keen to find out more. We had a representative come out to the house to meet the boys and get to know them a little better to chat about where Exemplar Education would sit with our family’s educational needs and where some additional at-home support could benefit the children. As much as I loved education myself I have no idea how to actually teach my children how to learn, and I’ve always found myself a little lost about how to help the boys learning without doing it in a totally different way to how they are taught at school, so I was really keen to understand that side of things myself.

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What is Exemplar Education?

Exemplar Education is an engaging at-home online learning tool which gives a personalised learning programme for each child’s needs – whether it be help getting through particular exams, or focusing on an area of maths that needs additional support. As our children are both in key stage one, their assessment places them at the right stage for their broad range of learning that they need to be doing initially, rather than a specific area of the Curriculum and passes by anything they have shown that they already know, so as not to duplicate it. Each module begins with a tutorial video for how to learn before going into the assessment. When, and only when, a child gets more than 80% of the questions correct, the system will move them on to the next modules. Crucially, meaning that the child will never be moved ahead before they are ready. They offer a no-commitment assessment for anyone interested in finding out more about the programme which is a great way of finding out more about the service and if it’s right for your family before you decide whether to sign up.

Exemplar Education at home learning review

After an initial assessment the children were set up at the level suitable to them, Henry was so excited to get started. The tool is online, and each child has their own log in. They felt extra grown up using my laptop to do their “work” too. Within the programme they can watch the video tutorials to learn how to do the topic, do a practice exercise if they are unsure of the lesson, or complete the lesson assessment. We did find the videos to be in need of a little refresh in terms of the setting, but they were concise and easy to understand. Often Henry skipped these as he wanted to get on with the assessments so that he could receive his certificate!

As everything is online Exemplar is automatically updated when the curriculum is and if there are ever any areas you don’t understand trained teachers are on the end of the phone 6 days a week, 52 weeks per year, should you need further support. I love the idea that this could be used if we wanted to take the children out of school because we would be happy that Henry could do this from wherever we were in the world. It would be ideal if you wanted to take them traveling or if they were off with long term sickness, and of course this would be amazing if you home schooled.

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Is Exemplar Education Worth The Money?

The Exemplar programme is definitely not cheap when you look at it as a one off payment, however what you are getting is incredible value for money. You own your subscription and the whole family can use it which makes it even more affordable. As I mentioned, my niece was going through maths tutoring for a year to get her through her exams, and knowing how many thousands of pounds that cost just for one subject and one year, it’s amazing to know how much it would save having an Exemplar Education which will see the children through from aged 4-16! They also offer several ways of paying for the programme, meaning you don’t have to pay it all off at once which really helps spread the payments.

They offer a 0% finance option to pay over 12, 24, 36, 48 or 60 months. There’s also a 14-day cooling off period for peace of mind and everything is governed by the FCA and includes a cancellation policy.

Why We Love Exemplar.

We found Exemplar a great tool to have at home to bolster the children’s learning, they even offer a laptop as part of the programme meaning you don’t have to buy this additionally if you don’t already have one. I love how visually dynamic it was and it kept Henry’s attention with how engaging and easy to understand it was and because it was so encouraging each time he passed a module it made him want to do another to get the certificate of completing each assessment, which really boosted his confidence. I love that as time goes on I can also keep track of how he is doing with the feedback that it gives me as a parent and knowledge when he needs a little more encouragement in a particular task. A BECTA Study has shown that parents working with a child is 6 times more affective than just a third party, so it’s fantastic to know that I can help Henry alongside his teachers at school. We all lead busy lives so having something non conflicting that works in conjunction with what they are learning at school gives us great peace of mind, especially knowing how much money we will save when it comes to any additional tuition they might need at GSCE level!

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If you’d like to see how Exemplar Education works in action check out the video review below;

Thank you to Exemplar for providing us with a subscription so that we could write this review and partnering with us on this, as always all opinions are my own. To find out more you can visit Exemplar on Pinterest, Facebook or Instagram.

You can book your free assessment here.




  1. September 11, 2019 / 6:44 pm

    I’ve not heard of these people before but it’s always useful to have some extra ideas to help the kids

  2. September 11, 2019 / 10:26 am

    I’ve never heard of Exemplar before this sounds like a really useful tool to support learning at home, I am going to go and have a bit of an investigate.

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