Is A Micro Scooter Worth The Price?

If you had asked me a couple of years ago if a Micro Scooter was really worth the price I would have probably said no, something along the lines of, why would you spend so much money on a scooter when you can pick one up in Argos for less than 20 quid!?! Fast forward to life with a 4 year old who is in possession of said Micro Scooter and I can now honestly say I think yes, they are worth the price.

Is a micro scooter really worth the price? why not buy a cheap scooter?

Now as the proud mother-owner of several aforementioned “cheaper scooters” I feel quite equipped to qualify my answer of whether a Micro Scooter is really worth the money.  Firstly, I want to mention that my eldest son got a Micro Scooter for his 4th Birthday and was quickly enamoured with the multitude of accessories which came with it. Especially so with the cool dino-helmet and LED light up spinning wheel caps – probably not advised for those who suffer with light sensitivity – seriously, it’s like a mini rave each time I open up the under stairs cupboard.

Is a micro scooter really worth the price? why not buy a cheap scooter?

In my honest opinion, I can’t truly say I would recommend buying a Micro Scooter for a younger child – certainly not this one at least. George is 2 and he, as with everything, has Henry’s hand me downs as well as a new Finding Dory scooter which he got from my lovely friend Carly for his 2nd Birthday. I think for that age, they just aren’t going to enjoy the benefits of the much superior build quality of the Micro Scooters. However, they do have a Mini 2 Go scooter for 18m+ which has a seat and one which has a removeable storage drawer and a push along handle, all of which adapt to your child as they grow, which is the one I would go for, if we were going to get one for George.

Is a micro scooter really worth the price? why not buy a cheap scooter?

The choice on the MS website is pretty overwhelming; Mini, Maxi, 2 wheeled, seated…the list goes on…but they are all sorted into categories and I found that the customer services support was really helpful in choosing the correct scooter for Henry’s abilities. They also have a great blog section on the website which will help you choose the right scooter for what you need.


I thought I would note a few points as to why I am a scooter convert, for anyone else wondering if they are worth the extra money.

  • Lean to steer method – older children will find this method much easier once they get used to it – it also helps develop motor skills and build coordination.
  • Rear brake – none of the cheaper scooters we’ve had have had a brake, which seems odd now that this one does – Henry has got used to it quickly and it makes for a much safer riding experience.
  • Replacement parts – this really sets Micro Scooter apart from other scooters – each part is replaceable and easy to fix.
  • Lightweight yet sturdy frame – the build quality is obvious as soon as you touch this scooter, it feels such good quality and remains lightweight for little people to carry – or let’s be honest, us parents as I’m sure you’ll all have witnessed.
  • Puncture free solid wheels – because nobody wants a hole punch to deal with!

We chose the Maxi scooter for Henry and it was so so easy to set up and once we ensured Henry’s outfit was suitably coordinated to his new ride we let him out to give it a go! 😉 Just look at that little concentration face!

And how do all scooter rides end??? You know the drill… #mumlife

#mumlife Is a micro scooter really worth the price? why not buy a cheap scooter?

This post was written in collaboration with Micro Scooter, all views are my own. 


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  1. July 21, 2018 / 3:58 am

    ha love the ending. that’s why i’ve hesitated on buying a scooter as well!

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