Why Minbie Bottles Are Better When Bottle Feeding Your Baby.

Before I had my babies, I knew I wanted to try and breastfeed them, just like some parents know they want to bottle feed. But when it came to them arriving, it was a totally different story! Between us we had absolutely no idea how to do it and there was a lot we both had to learn.

As the days and weeks went by feeding got easier. We both learned the little ways of making it work, making it less painful, and we got to a point where it was now enjoyable for both of us.

As Henry got older, and into a more predictable feeding pattern, a glimmer of hope arose that there might be more than 4 hours sleep overnight on offer, so I wanted a little more freedom when it came to Stuart being able to help with the feeds. I knew also that the comfort of the cosy midnight breast was probably more favoured than any actual feeding going on!

newborn baby

We tried brand after brand of baby bottles to try and start combination feeding but a hungry Henry refused them all. The flow on some was far too fast, the design of others was not right, the teat shape just not hitting the spot for our little guzzler.

Henry also struggled a lot with trapped wind and reflux. We went through gallons of Infacol and gripe water to try and settle it for him, but I knew finding the right bottles were key to being successful with combination feeding. I remember the many 3am messages to my NCT friends asking what bottles they used, if their little ones would take a certain milk or teat, desperately trying to find something that would work for us and that Henry would take.

newborn baby smiling with father

Minbie bottles are like no others we tried. Their innovative, award winning, bottle design means that they totally avoid nipple confusion when used as the sole teat for your baby. Because they ensure a proper latch the same as when breastfeeding it helps with the control your baby has on feeding and thus helps with colic and reflux.

The issue we were finding with so many other brand’s teats were that they either had a narrow neck, or a wide neck which caused a problem with the boy’s latching, as well as causing confusion over teat and nipple and didn’t give a very good control over the flow of the milk, often causing colic and flooding of the milk in their mouths which made them splutter milk everywhere! The Minbie bottles are actually designed to mimic a breastfeeding latch so that they don’t get confused and help with their digestion due to the motion in which the milk is released. The vent which floats air away from the milk is revolutionary and Minibie bottles are definitely a product I wish I knew about when my babies were young. I would definitely have been very popular with my new mum friends for being able to share my discovery of Minbie bottles with them!

flatlay of newborn essentials minbie bottles sudacrem and a comforter

Minbie bottles come in different sets for different aged babies and needs. You can also buy handy bundles so you have everything you need in one delivery. There’s a newborn kit, 2-8 month bundle, 3+ month and so on. They also do a hospital grade, portable double breast pump which looks amazing, again pumping was another issue I had huge difficulties in doing and getting a decent pump seemed hard to find for the times I wasn’t there or needed a rest overnight.

I set this blog up when I was pregnant with Henry, my eldest, as I wanted to share my experience of being a first-time mum as well as share the things I found which helped me during this bumpy journey. So, I really hope this helps you if you’re also looking for a baby bottle that your little one will take when full bottle or combination feeding.

If you want to hear other UK mum’s chatting about their experience with Minbie check out the videos linked.


Thank you to Minbie for working with me on this post, all views are my own.



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