Mother’s Day Gift ideas.

I know you’re probably thinking it’s ages away, but because last year I missed out on it by a couple of months, this year I am very excited to be having my very first Mother’s Day with little Henry.


Now, I know the thing to say is that having Henry is more than enough, blah blah blah ūüėČ Of course he is, however at this age frankly it’s not what Henry would like to get me, it’s a nice token of appreciation from Daddio for the past, probably hardest, year of a new mmumy’s life.

I thought I would put together a little Mother’s Day gift guide if you/your partner needs a some inspiration and ideas which won’t break the bank on what to get to thank you for being a brilliant Mummy to your little ones and save that last minute dash to the supermarket to buy a bunch of flowers and box of chocs!

1. Annual Magazine Subscription
I love these, they’re like the gift which keeps on giving! Good Food, Ideal Home, Home & Garden, Glamour, Grazia, even Old Tractor Magazine if you so wish (Yes, this actually exists!!)¬†around ¬£20-¬£30
2. Nightwear
M&S featured for the first time at LFW this year and with the introduction of their new Best Of British range, they have put themselves firmly back in the spotlight. I love the Rosie HW range of underwear for M&S, but for a less revealing gift for self conscious mummies, something like this cute but sexy nightdress is perfect at £29.50.
3. Spa Treatment
I¬†blogged¬†last week about my recent trip to a local spa, whatever I would have had done it would have felt like pure luxury compared to a normal day where I’m lucky if I can even take a pee without a little person padding his way excitedly to interrupt me! Wherever you live there should be a spa nearby, just the thought of peaceful, luxurious, hour or so alone should be something to really look forward to! ¬£20-150
4. Keepsake
Not on the high street is one of my fave onliners for unique gifts. There are thousand of ideas to choose from but these cute bespoke fingerprint key rings are a lovely touch, although at the higher end of the budget for what they are, at £75.
5. Beauty Box subscription
Talk about a gift which keeps on giving! These beauties are filled with new and exciting products each month and often packaged beautifully so they are like Christmas day each time they arrive. A few suggestions –¬†Birch Box,¬†Glossy Box,¬†Love Me Beauty,¬†even Glamour do their own now¬†here. ¬£10 per month.

But if you did choose to gift up at the supermarket, a beautiful hand painted jug filled with peonies is a really special touch.

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  1. March 2, 2014 / 8:51 pm

    Love this post!! I’d be happy with any of the above, they’re all fab ideas.
    Last year Austin bought me a similar Notonthehighstreet gift, a necklace with his name on it. Cute!!
    This year I’m hinting for a Mothers Day gift of a new non-maternity wardrobe!xx

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