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We’re now 3 weeks in and adjusting to life with our new baby, George. I have to say, the transition hasn’t been too hard so far! The tiredness is definitely less difficult this time – to put it mildly the first time it was like being hit by a bus! This time it’s more like¬†a small car ūüėČ I think my¬†expectation was that it would be really tough,¬†but¬†in reality when you’ve already got a child, adding another one to the mix is no where near as hard as it was the first time around – But it’s all very well saying that 3 weeks in…wait until George is crawling and into everything and Henry is in full toddler melt down and I’m tearing my hair out!!


It’s really strange for me, because I had totally forgotten what these early days were like – even though it was only 2 years ago, and I was expecting George to quickly get into a routine because we are fortunate that we have such a successful one with Henry – but of course newborns are very unpredictable and each day is different during this early stage. So for now the days are whizzing by in a blur of feeding, changing & attempting to settle George, all whilst occupying and trying to be as fun as possible for Henry. I’m very fortunate that we have parents locally and I’ve had brilliant support from them.


For anyone about to embark on parenthood for the first time, or subsequently, I thought I would share some of those little products which have helped me through these first weeks and some newborn essentials you might want to stock up on! I also have a brilliant give away from the fantastic Gro Company at the end!

1. Lansinoh nipple cream Around £8

Breast feeding hurts at first – a lot! And then your milk comes in a couple of days later and the pain is on a whole other level! But this doesn’t last long girls, so if you are hoping to breast feed try to get through these tough first couple of weeks and definitely stock up on Lansinoh cream to help ease the pain for your poor, overworked nipples!


2. Gro Clock £24.99

Obviously this isn’t for the newborn! But let’s be honest, if you’ve been up all night with your new baby, the last thing you want is their older sibling waking you up at 5am rolling their Monster Trucks over your head. This amazing clock by the Gro Company teaches your child when it is OK to get up and start the day by setting a suitable time and communicating it by either a smiling sunshine face or a darker star face for when it’s not quite time. You can even have it set to later at the weekends to give you an extra snooze, oh no wait…you have a newborn…


3. Breast pads & maternity towels

Both required in vast quantities!! I have sent Stuart out on many occasion to re-stock and each time I think oh no, he’s bought too many but I still send him for more! If you’re not looking to breastfeed these will probably not be needed for more than a couple of weeks but as far as maternity pads are concerned this could be 6 weeks or more – making up for 9 months of no periods apparently!

4. Organic Babies Rescue Balm by Green People £9.95

This little gem is such an all-rounder! Not only is it great for Mum with¬†multiple uses such as perineum massage before birth and soothing cracked nipples after, but it is amazing to moisturise new baby’s skin – especially if they were over cooked and came out flaky and dry like little George. everything in it is organic and natural – no nasties, so it’s kind to their precious skin.


5. Infacol £2.50

Despite every midwife telling me “breastfed babies don’t need winding” both my boys have been incredibly windy – George makes the loudest griping pains and always brings up a man sized belch after, during…even before a feed, and Infacol seems to help him bring them up successfully for the most part – one of the most gratifying noises in your life in these first few months (what has my life become!?)



The Gro Company are one of my most collected brands (watch my latest YouTube video which includes the Gro Blackout blind and Gro Bag here) – Their products are just so intuitive I love how they are designed with such knowledge of what babies and indeed parents need.

I have an exciting give away of their brand new Gro Hush baby calmer for a lucky reader РThe unique baby calmer is perfect for settling distressed babies by emitting white noise such as a heartbeat to keep them relaxed and happy Рideal for the witching hour when nothing else seems to calm them down!

Simply enter below and the winner will be announced at the end of the month – good luck!!


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  1. Zoe
    June 17, 2015 / 5:52 pm

    Thanks for the post definitely agree on the lanolin ūüôā

    • Lara
      September 15, 2015 / 8:28 pm

      Ouch! Yes indeedy! xx

  2. Zoe
    June 11, 2015 / 7:26 am

    Love your blog! ūüôā

    • Lara
      September 15, 2015 / 8:27 pm

      Thank you Zoe! xx

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