The Perfect Cup Of Tea

Living in the South East of England, we are cursed with very hard water, and we have particularly chalky water in the area where we live – not great for making the perfect cup of tea. In fact each brew is poured through a tea strainer, which sadly only captures the large chunks of chalk, the rest pours out as a murky white water – I’m really selling it to you, I can tell! I remember visiting family in Devon and being amazed that they could have one of those fancy looking glass kettles – and it be completely clean! Within 2 uses ours is chalked up inside and in need of descaling. Being big tea and coffee fans this is less than ideal.

The Perfect Cup Of Tea

So, just what are the rules for the perfect cup of tea? Well some might argue, but there are a few basic steps to follow to ensure your brew is just right;

  • Don’t pour the water immediately after it has boiled – especially so for green tea as this will make it bitter.
  • Allow tea bag to brew for 3-5 minutes (I’m terrible for this and often go off and have a shower while it’s brewing!!)
  • Never pour the milk in first unless pouring from a teapot – Do it for Britain!!

Recently we’ve been trying out the BRITA filter kettle and I know this might sound like an exaggeration, but honestly our tea has been tasting 100% better! Not to mention how clear the water comes out. I am a total convert and it’s only now I realise how bad my tea had been tasting! The filter is actually within the kettle and it means that the water is purified, chlorine reduced and it comes out crystal clear. The water filters through really quickly and the kettle itself boils so quickly and quietly!

The Perfect Cup Of Tea Brita Water filter kettle

Did you know that there’s been a study which suggests people would find tea tastes better when drinking out of a red mug as the red colouring signals to your brain that this tea will be sweeter regardless if you put sugar in it. Me neither, so I thought I would put it to the test!

The Perfect Cup Of Tea Brita Water filter kettle

The Perfect Cup Of Tea Brita Water filter kettle

Sadly my sweet taste study was inconclusive, however I can conclude that my drink tasted SO much better using the Brita filter kettle and I will not be going back to non-filtered water again in a hurry!!

Thanks to Brita for sending me over the filter kettle to try out, all opinions are always my own.


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  1. February 18, 2018 / 2:59 pm

    Where we live in Wales we’re really lucky to have nice soft water, so don’t have any issues like that. I might have to get one of these kettles for my parents though who live in Kent and have really quite hard water, it sounds like this does an amazing job of filtering everything out! x

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